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daehawk Jul 30, 2013 @ 8:50pm
Need mining price list thats printable
As title says. Im looking for a website with all the minable ore listed with prices. That way I can print it off and use it when Im out mining to see what is worth the best and mine that instead of doing the guissing game or having to write them all by hand.

Any advice on making money at the start in the starting system? Right now Im mining and mining and mining and saving all I can as I buy the best stuff for Betty I can before moving on.
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Baron iGnome Sep 4, 2013 @ 2:03am 
I know the topic is old, but i started my own xls price list, mapping every station, having one of each product to get the full price chart (ships, weapons, components and commodities).
I had a few systems mapped until i reached a point i came back to a mapped station and notice that the prices had changed !
Only a minor fluctuation but it shows that prices are not static, and apparently not linked to reputation toward the station's faction.
To my knowledge, this site can be a good reference for fast price check, giving the min and max (approximately, as it fluctuates a little over time) of each item, and where to get it :

It can be enhanced a little concerning weapons / components to give the possible max earning on each equipment, as it is done well for commodities.

And a good way to start making money fast in my opinion is to focus on some mining to the point you can buy a tractor beam. So you can salvage goods from enemies wreckages, sometimes very expansive stuff like organs, bruskat, even top-end weapons. Continue with increasing you mining laser quality if you wish to get some cores, but you should concentrate on cargo space amplifiers, and a better scanner so you can see which pirate to take down first so the cargo wont go to waste if you are nearly full.

Thats it, good luck freelancers.
almighty_hood Oct 5, 2013 @ 8:03am 
titanium is worth the most but is impossible to find mining at least i never found it on astroids, orichalzine is my choice mineral as it goes for alot and is easy to find then hypanium pyrisium and gold after that. everything else is a waste of time imo... once you make it to the voids home world through a wormhole go for the void crystal you need 50tons of it for a main mission and it sells for around 400 each ton harder to mine due to attacks but with abig ship like the anaan a shrinker bt and all the addons for combat you can make alot fairly easy early on in the game
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daehawk Oct 5, 2013 @ 3:37pm 
Thanks guys....this is helping. Ill be glad to ge ta nicer drill lol....soon.
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