Ateto Jun 30, 2013 @ 5:39am
My opinion on the game
I was searching for a game like this for a while. I saw it few days ago in steam. As I won't give 15 euro right away i dowlnoaded it. Since I've played Freelancer thats what i compared it to. Well it's not Freelancer but it has something. First 15 min were bad couse of confusion with the controls but then It was fine. It has many ships and fair amount of goods to trade. There many planets but the things you could do there are the same. The missions are a bit boring but are ok. Graphics are also ok. I've played it for two days, finished the story line, earned some medals, got my hands on some nice blueprints. It's the perfect time killer.
I googled it and found out that this game is for iphones and such. And that there were two more dlcs. So I came back to steam to acctually buy it and support the developers. Here I found out that the there won't be dlc for the PC version. I expect If they realese the dlcs that the price of the bundle will be around 20+ euro. If they relase it however I will defenetly buy it (50%+ sale won't be bad :D). Nice and easy to understand and play. But at the current state, I will keep my money.