Razorhead 2013. jan. 5. @ du. 4:48
Devs, you NEED to release the addtional content for this title. This game is great fun.
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Barack Obama 2013. jan. 5. @ du. 5:56 
Agreed. I love this game, but it gets boring after you finish the campaign.

I found a forum on their site concerning the valkyrie and supernova add-ons, and they had a spokesperson on there. They basically said that they are waiting to see how successful the sales of the pc version are before making a decision on whether or not to release the content.

Seems pretty stupid to me. It would bring a lot more buyers if the buyers knew that, upon purchasing the game, they would immediately be able to download additional content as opposed to *possibly* getting it.
Razorhead 2013. jan. 5. @ du. 6:01 
Yeah I think some buyers are avoiding this title becasue they can't get all the content.
QRdestroyer 2013. jan. 8. @ du. 2:44 
It has DLC, and they are likely in the buisiness of porting it to PC.
Fury Ravenwater 2013. jan. 8. @ du. 6:15 
Great game. Would buy the DLC in a second for PC.
Razorhead 2013. jan. 9. @ du. 12:18 
QRdestroyer eredeti hozzászólása:
It has DLC, and they are likely in the buisiness of porting it to PC.

I am aware it has DLC but the DEVS said they would not port it unless the core game sells well on PC.
Waffen_shark88 2013. jan. 11. @ du. 9:21 
Metro 2013. jan. 12. @ de. 3:50 
Also need to rethink the base price of this game -- $20 is laughable.
Blade 2013. febr. 7. @ de. 1:22 
Hello fellow pilots,

I did recently post in in another thread:

"We'd like to offer you the expansions "Valkyrie" and "Supernova" as well, but currently we don't have anymore ressources to port them over to the Windows platform. Therefore, we are lokking for an external possibility at the moment and we'll keep you posted as soon as we have any further information regarding that topic."

Best regards,

Subotai 2013. jún. 13. @ du. 9:16 
Uhm...They have NO intentions on porting the DLC's. We got robbed!

The Dark Ranger 2013. jún. 22. @ du. 12:16 
Razorhead eredeti hozzászólása:
Yeah I think some buyers are avoiding this title becasue they can't get all the content.
I agree if i knew there was no DLC I would not have bought the game!
Lightforce 2013. júl. 1. @ du. 5:29 
I did buy 'Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD' and I do not regret it. It is a simple action-space game with alot fun and dynamic. It is not a space-simulation. If you know that you get this than you not disapointed from this great game.

I suggest to turn off the music in 'GoF2FHD' and listen to some music from youtube, simple search for "Space Night" or "Ambient Music" in youtube.

I WANT THE DLCs, too!!! GIVE US THE DLCs @Boss+Devs of Fishlabs! ....please....

Even without the DLCs it is for me great fun on PC....
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Andrius227 2013. júl. 28. @ du. 12:54 
I have this game on my iphone... But the controlls are HORRIBLE. Thats why i bought it on PC because i thought i would get a better experience. The controlls and graphics on pc are great (compared to iphone). But without the expansions it's not worth playing on pc... So i guess i will not play it at all...
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Andrius227; 2013. júl. 28. @ du. 12:54
Cowboy 2013. aug. 21. @ de. 8:47 
Agreed. Would buy all DLCs if released on PC
ServiusTheBear 2013. aug. 25. @ de. 3:28 
Razorhead eredeti hozzászólása:
Devs, you NEED to release the addtional content for this title. This game is great fun.

originally posted by SvenH 6. March 2013 12:59:
Hi everybody,

In the last weeks there was a lot talk about the expansions for the PC version of Galaxy on Fire 2. We considered many options and – as we stated previously – would have loved to bring the expansions to the PC, but despite our best hopes, we won’t be able to do this.

While this sinks in I’d like to let you know why we had to make this decision. We are a small company and have to be careful which projects we undertake and make smart investments, not only based on what we would like to do, but what is healthy for our business. Investing more time and energy into Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD for Windows would not be lucrative and might even negatively affect other projects. We sat down and considered whether we would have had more sales if the expansions would have been available upfront, but our understanding is that we reached nearly everybody who wanted to participate in a space adventure.

At the end of the day, we want to make great games, we love creating games and we’re really happy that our community supports themselves and us the way you do. And all this makes it really hard to share with you the news that we won’t release the add-ons for PC.

All the best,

The Fishlabs Team
Andrius227 2013. aug. 25. @ du. 1:45 
Well that sucks... And will actually hurt them more... They are now known for making bad ports. And no one will buy their future games.
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