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Test Drive®: Ferrari Racing Legends

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Wolfe Sep 21, 2013 @ 9:42am
Impressions, wheel use opinion, difficulty tip.
I bought this on sale recently and after playing with it for a while I have to say I rate this highly as a racing game, at least from the point of view of a wheel user (Driving Force GT) as unlike a lot of bigger release games, Grid 2 particularly, it has great cockpit views for all vehicles, and the retro single seater cars are particularly fun to drive.

On the default setting the handling can seem pretty shaky, but if you switch wheel sensitivity up from 50 to 75, then the handling becomes amazing.

I definitely recommend this for any wheel user, I'm really enjoying it.
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Gnostic23 Oct 25, 2013 @ 12:23pm 
I can not get the breaks to work with my driving force gt wheel any ideas?
Mr Nice Nov 7, 2013 @ 7:37am 
Also got this in the sale after reading your post,I'm using a g25 and it's excellent,Thanks for your post,otherwise i would have missed this little gem of a game.Nice one Wolfe.
Wolfe Nov 10, 2013 @ 12:21pm 
Nice one Mr Nice, good to hear you enjoy it. I too was surprised at how unheralded this game is for PC, especially as it's so great with a wheel, so hopefully more people will give it a shot if they read this topic.

Also geneb I assume you got the brakes working?

LazarusCell Nov 28, 2013 @ 6:13am 
Driving Force GT works perfect?, if so I'll pick this game up.
Mr Nice Nov 28, 2013 @ 8:36am 

PC Compatible controllers:-

- Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch

- Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience

- Thrustmaster Ferrari 430

- Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

- Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

- Logitech Driving Force GT

- Logitech Formula Force EX

- Logitech Driving Force

- Logitech Driving Force EX

- Logitech Driving Force RX

- Logitech Driving Force Pro

- Logitech MOMO Force

- Logitech MOMO Racing

I got a G25 which works great.
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got the same wheel as you, sadly when i drive a straight road it starte moving right-left-right the whole time like a snake even while holding it tight and not move it an inch....a bit annoying for me that far sadly
Mr Nice Dec 1, 2013 @ 7:34am 
Check out the forums,someone has probably posted good settings for you to start with,I'm a bit busy at the moment,I will try to post my settings in this discussion tomorrow(monday)
Originally posted by Mr Nice:
Check out the forums,someone has probably posted good settings for you to start with,I'm a bit busy at the moment,I will try to post my settings in this discussion tomorrow(monday)

Oh, don;t worry i already figured it out for myself :) but thanks alot !
Mr Nice Dec 2, 2013 @ 5:46am 
Nice one,no problem you are welcome,hope you can enjoy it now,cheers.
PurdyDot Dec 3, 2013 @ 11:32pm 
If anyone has any more suggestions on taming a wheel in this game i could use them.
I'm using a Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch and so far the steering feels terrible.
I'm not really sure what's wrong, but the main problems I'm having are:
1) steering lag. oddly enough, this doesn't seem constant. i don't know if it gets better or worse based on changes i've been making to the settings or what, but sometimes it's barely noticable and sometimes it's like you are telling somebody else to turn the car left or right and then have to wait for them to do what you say.
2) steering seems weirdly over sensitive. feels like 90% of the steering is happening in the first couple of degrees of movement.
couldn't follow the "green lines" around corners at any speed. this might actually be some sort of two part problem because on the one hand the steering over-reacts to virtually any input, and on the other hand if you hold the steering at a constant angle the car seems to gradually turn in progressively more-and-more the longer you hold the wheel in the same position.
the weird snapping-then-wandering feel reminds me of driving a car with fatally worn steering components. partially stripped out steering box, thrashed tie rods, wobbly ball joints. that kinda thing.
started with the default preset for my wheel, then tried messing with the sensitivity and such, but so far i haven't had anything resembling good luck.
testing was done while it was set to "pro". speed sensitive steering is set to 0 (default-never changed it).
only thing i really noticed that seemed like i was getting somewhere was that when i decreased the "lock" setting, everything that was bad - got worse. which made things seem like the answer would be cranking the lock the lock setting up, but... unfortunately it could not be raised beyond the default of 100, so that theory was un-testable.
ah, and testing was all done in the same car. whatever one is default, a 430 or something?
i understand that i shouldn't be expecting this game to handle like a racing sim, but right now trying to drive this thing with a wheel feels more like i'm piloting it with a keyboard.
had to finally give up testing because all the right-left-right-left-right-left wander/weave/wobble made me seasick/carsick. literally. still haven't completely recovered, so i won't be doing any further testing until after sleeping it off.
anyway, during initial testing, the steering was so laggy weird and imprecise that i jumped over into gt legends to make sure the wheel still worked correctly. steering was responsive and precise in gtl. so the wheel itself seems fine.
i dunno, i'm out of ideas for today. if anybody has any suggestions i'd appreciate it.
sandoryanko Dec 4, 2013 @ 3:43am 
Iam using a Thrustmaster GPX (Ferrari) controller and i didnt change anything, and i must say the handling feels perfect if u get used to it, iam playing Assetto for example to and in that game i had to change a few things especially the gamma, but like i said in this game it feels perfect without any changes.
Srry for the wheel users, bcz i know u have nothing bout this info, but just to say a positive note to this game, iam realy surpriced (bought it for 3euro and didnt except that much reading the revieuws), but for me personally its a great (challenging) game, and iam still in the training session on 9%, play on hard and want the objectives to before i move on.
Great game, hope u guys will find the good settings to, to enjoy this game.
PurdyDot Dec 4, 2013 @ 4:56pm 
I've been tempted to try plugging in a gamepad/controller to see how that works. i have some ps2 controllers that i use with an adapter and a 360 controller. i don't use the 360 controller very often now that i can use the ps2 controllers, mainly because the 360 analog stick have a bit of a "sloppy" feel to them, although an adjustable driver could probably do worlds of good considering how much better you can make it in a game where you can fine tune things like deadzones and analog input curves.
i haven't tried a gamepad with the game yet though, mainly because switching controllers (and/or leaving more than one type of controller plugged in at the same time) seems to adversely affect how well the various controllers work in several of the games i play regularly.
might have something to do with the games, or drivers, or something about my board's usb setup, or some kind of combination of those things, but basically switching controllers is a bit of a pain in the rear.
another reason i want to exhaust options with the wheel first is that i love the feel of force feedback when it works properly, and from what i could tell so far in this game, it feels like the ffb has the potential to feel quite good.
admittedly, it's kind of hard to tell since i start swinging/swaying all over the road like a drunken sailor once the car gets much over maybe 60 mph:P
i haven't tried playing the game again yet, but i did do a lot of searching for info last night, and have a few idea/guesses at things to try.
it is kind of hard to find good info about this game for some reason.
seems like, for the majority of people, either the game handles great right out of the box, or is pretty much unplayable.
either great or horrible, with little in between.
that's somewhat different than most racing games i've researched where there is a huge amount of talk surrounding how to do minor "tweaks" to finally reach the "perfect" setup.
it's a shame too, considering how it sound like almost everyone without control problems seem to really enjoy the game.
honestly, i'm not expecting this game to have control/handling like a serious sim racer, i really just want to be able to control it with some degree of anolog-ish-ness.
as in, if i turn the wheel a little to the right, the car steers a little to the right, and if i turn a lot, the car turns a lot.
currently it's like there are 3 "degrees" of turning. 1 degree of wheel rotation = car turning maybe 15% of it's maximum potential, 2 to 5 degrees of wheel rotation = car turning something like 25%, and turning the wheel anywhere beyond that is hard to gauge, because although the "in car" wheel still looks like it's turning pretty much in sync with the controller, pretty much anything beyond about 5 degrees of wheel rotation is "donut land".
anyway, that's pretty much how it acts. like, instead of analog's gradual increase/decrease, it's more like there's 3 "steps" or choices as to how hard i want to turn.
i might as well have 6 buttons (3 for left, 3 for right) labled "turn 15%", "turn 25%", and "do a donut! yeeehaaaaw!!!11" lol.
actually, the "Yeeehaaaaw!!!!" button is much less fun than it sounds;P
anyway, it's nice to hear more input that the game does indeed work for some people:)
i'll probably try again here in a minute to see if i can figure things out, and if i still can't get anywhere with it i'll probably go ahead and make my own thread since i don't want to "hijack" somebody else's. was just kind of hoping that maybe somebody that had already figured things out might have some advice about where i should start.
anyhow, good luck to all, and congrats to those who have already got it working right:)
PurdyDot Dec 5, 2013 @ 3:12am 
okay, well, i did a bit more testing and found out a few things.
i started to write about it all, but it ended up being more like a novel so i decided to give up on that.
instead i'll just say what is probably the most important thing i figured out.
that is, that all presets are not created equally in this game.
basically, after spending some time messing with the rgt preset i was able to get the control from "pretty awful" to "much less awful than before".
then i tried a logitech profile, and the effect was *DRAMATIC*.
seems to change the analog acceleration curve of the steering axis (linearity?), multiply/amplify the ffb effect(s), feels like it changes the steering ratio, and who knows what else.
essentially, by simply changing the preset, everything was magically better by default than i was able to get within the limits of the changeable options of the other preset.
from my testing, there doesn't seem to be any possible way through the game options to adjust the rgt preset enough to make it feel as good as it did using the logitech preset.
it was literally like i'd gone out and bought a completely different and much better steering wheel/controller.
so if anybody is having really weird control issues, my fist suggestion would be to try some of the other wheel/controller presets. (as a side note, on the custom setup, when i was trying to assign my steering axis, it wasn't registering input. but i had only been turning the wheel one direction. so to assign "turn left" i ended up having to turn the wheel left, and then turn the wheel back towards the center, then it suddenly registered the x- axis. thought i would mention that since, for me at least, it was a bit counter-intuitive. unfortunately, while trying the custom setting, the steering did improve, but the ffb did not)
there's quite a bit of other oddities and weirdness about the control settings and stuff that i found, but really that was the biggest thing, that a different preset could make things far better than one might be able to achieve using the options on the preset page provided for their wheel.
anyway, i haven't finished trying to dial in the steering or ffb yet, but i thought i'd at least post that changing to a different wheel's preset took this game immediately from an un-playable state, to a playable one. to make it what i would call enjoyable, i'll have to dial things in a little more.
good luck to everyone else who might be on the same quest:)
EnZiBm Dec 22, 2013 @ 6:46pm 
impossible driver
ReikoRaph Mar 2, 2014 @ 1:19am 
Please tell your wheel setup in game and in Logitech profiler for this game. I have Driving Force GT
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