Test Drive®: Ferrari Racing Legends

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Viper74 Jun 2, 2014 @ 10:24pm
The AI does not seem to be able to hold its line nor does it respect mine. The game cannot claim it has great AI when they fail basic fundamental racing principles. Also if a driver moves to block me and I bump them from behind somehow I magically go spinning into oblivion which is completely against physics. Its as if when you bump someone the game chooses some random velocity vector so you go bouncing off the car. Honestly if someone moves to block me I could theoretically just dump them by tapping the correct rear side of their car. There is no way I would get dumped if I hit another car from behind.

Also when I am running side by side with the AI suddenly they get all twitchy and will not yield to my line. You can't just force yourself into the best track line if another car is there unless you enjoy being black flagged and going laps down or possibly getting disqualified for unsportsmanlike and/or overly agressive driving.

The best and safe way to pass is to 'present' yourself to the other driver and make them aware that you are there and you are coming through. If they choose to block well then it is up to you what course of action you choose to take. The game is very fun but the AI nearly ruins it b/c they are too stupid to understand basic racing etiquette and the fact that they belong in a demolition derby as opposed to a track race.
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