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KerChowPow 2013年2月20日 11時30分
Voice of El Apocalypse - Bottomless Pit?
Couple Questions about the Voice of El's Apocaplypse (i.e. breaking all seven seals):
1) What's the Bottomless Pit's function? I can walk over it without losing units, and it doesn't seem to have any discernible use.
2) Is the apocalypse only a bunch of Giant Manti and Scorpions being spawned all over the map? (Bottomless Pit notwithstanding)
3) In what ways is the Pontiff better than the Cardinal? (I know it's not a apocalypse question, but it's still related to Voice of El)

Thanks in Advance!
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KerChowPow 2013年2月23日 15時27分 
Does anyone know?
Smiling Jack 2013年2月25日 14時09分 
I just finished a game playing as Voice of El, and Im not really sure wtf was going on, except i regreted breaking that 7th seal... As far as I can tell;

1) bottomless pit wrecks whatever was on the squares it randomly lands on

2)) the apocalypse can also set massive fires to forests and trees, which was hilarious for me since i was playing against druids

3) I think the pontiff gets the fattest cut of the church taxes in the case of multiple players playing as voice of el

I have never seen a class in a video game so heavily dedicated to screwing with other players. Love it.
Billick 2013年2月25日 14時28分 
3) The Pontiff can also call the Inquisition. Nobody expects the Inquisition.
jazzael 2013年4月10日 3時58分 
pontif and cardinals can call inquisitions and crusade : différence is the price paid , cut by two
KerChowPow 2013年4月10日 4時33分 
oh hey, thanks
pinbag 2013年5月16日 13時52分 
Once the forst fires stopped it was not really a great fuss that litle apocalypse ...
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