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Русификация молодого таффера
by Lightwave
Арсенал молодого таффера: установка TFix, русификатора, несколько модов и библиотек с оригинальной подачей материала....
Guide To Setting Up Thief Gold For New Players (including improved controls!)
by Johnr9
New to Thief Gold? This guide will help you install the unofficial patch as well as a custom keybind file that improves the controls to be more like modern first person games....
Thief Gold Setup and Modding Guide
by Saleck
Thief Gold was built for Windows 9x systems and has a hard time running on modern computers. This guide will help you set up the game using the latest unofficial patches and teach you how to apply mods. You'll also learn about Fan Missions ...
Texturas HD y traduccion al español ** HD Textures and translations to Spanish
by Liono-02
Texturas para poner Thief Gold en HD y traduccion de los textos al español Textures to put Thief Gold HD and translations of the texts into Spanish...
Thief - Прохождение/Walkthrough missions 1-3(Rus&Eng)
by WWWorm
English walkthrough from, and russian translation from
Thief Gold - Deutsch , HD und Texturpack
by Pr1nz1p
einfache Anleitung um das Spiel in deutscher Sprache, höherer Auflösung und optimierter Grafik spielen zu können...
Руссификация и оптимизация игры Thief Gold
Оптимизация игры под ваш экран. Русификация игры....
Thief Gold en HD & en français
by GGn*Yanka
Dans ce guide nous verrons comment patcher Thief 1 en HD et ensuite le traduire en français. Les versions des patches listés sont les dernières disponibles lors de la rédaction du présent guide. Pour débuter et ça semble...
Step-by-Step guide for installing TFix
by A Daft Punk
I know some here might be pretty new to the whole manual patching thing so here is a step by step guide on how to with screenshots of each step. I'm going under the assumption you have never done this before so I am explaining everything including how to ...
Тактика боя на мечах.
Тактика в бою против врагов с мечом....