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^0-=^3Emp^0=- ^0MCL ^3Hatchet 2012年12月9日 16時55分
IDP.Generic.6DE442F3 Anti Virus Threat
When I started the game up for the first time, my AVG Internet Security said that IDP.Generic.6DE442F3 was a threat and I just wanted to make sure that it was not a threat.
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Green Out 2012年12月9日 18時21分 
Why would steam be selling you a virus?
^0-=^3Emp^0=- ^0MCL ^3Hatchet 2012年12月9日 19時22分 
True, but it's possible that a virus got through the firewall while downloading it for some odd reason. Guess I should trust it.
Kektimus 2012年12月9日 22時34分 
Anti-virus software today can give some false alerts because they look at files and go "hmm, the way this software works could possibly be a virus maybe". Maybe it's an uncommon way of taking input from the player or something that perhaps makes the anti-virus think it's a keylogger and so on.
2 Angry Inches  [開発者] 2012年12月10日 7時21分 
Usually this will be flagged from the 39.dll which handles all of the online play. This is a common file that gets flagged with anti-vrius software because it is used to establish connections between users.
Bear 2012年12月12日 10時26分 
Considering how complete ♥♥♥♥ AVG is dont worry. You really think steam would every take that kind of risk? No way they're amazing.
Desolater III 2013年3月29日 11時33分 
i got a trojan alert for Wonderlust.exe i know its not really a trojan but its just intresting why it would think so.
RPG Gamer Man 2013年4月23日 14時05分 
I had another game with false virus alerts on it from steam before. it's not a new issue, and mostly happens with indie games. Not sure if they develop it a way their file looks suspicious to virus checkers or it just looks that way. I doubt a indie game company would take the time to put a virus in their games on purpose..unless it is for some dubious thing.
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