Synnym Sep 30, 2012 @ 5:12am
cant register?
to play with others, you need to register at their site, they dont send confirmation email, you also have to register to get costumer support *genius*! >_< anybody can help? ^^''
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Daynar Sep 30, 2012 @ 11:09am 
Have you checked your spam folders? Also I never had to make an account on thier website. It shows that I can join multiplayer games, but I've never joined one since I'm new. However, I can talk in global and can see other players in the lobby.

Edit: I joined a co-op game and was successfuly able to join. I never had to make an account. I just made a profile then character in game, no password or email.
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Synnym Oct 1, 2012 @ 4:18am 
yeah, checked everything.. weird, when i press multiplayer, i have to make a reflect account to be able to play, how did you do it exactly? thanks for helping :)
Daynar Oct 1, 2012 @ 1:06pm 
Strange I never made one. o.O
Did you download from steam or their website? (I'm guessing steam since your posting on the game hub)
Ok I went to their website and made an account. The email was sent instantly. Have you tried making a new account and making sure your email was entered correctly?
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Beef Taco Nov 5, 2012 @ 5:22pm 
i can play online i never registered
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