Wanderlust: Rebirth
My Wanderlust Experience
Startet off with seeing this game at a stream. Looked nice, streamer played a wizard, died a bit but that's what wizards are for. So i bought the game and installed it. As i started it it looked cool, but the more deeper i got into the game the worse it got. First, there was a level in a cave with some plants. To advance you had to destroy the entvines in the way. Wasn't a problem first but the deeper i got into the cave the more flowers were with the vines. The flowers let you fall asleep while the vines could attack you. Bad thing was i played alone and with a wizard (he had to get in melee range to destroy the vines) and how the two flowers were timed and how they stood in a small way they would let me sleeps almost forever. I died often at this point. Somehow in all of this frustration i got through and defeated the boss (had nice techniques but was very hard to evade attacks / falling rocks). I encountered more game faults like being stuck on an object while you press the key towards the object first then in any other direction.
I deinstalled the game after encountering a huge graphical error after end of chapter 4/begin of chapter 5. First time ever spending money to a game that i don't like at all.
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I'm kinda feeling the same way. the game is too buggy to even play. Take a look at magika that game has a TON of bugs but its atleast playable. this is like for people that want to see an unneeded ending of some sort or something (kinda like its not worth to beat any way). This is one game I don't think I will be able to beat, and I don't think I want to at all either.
Honestly, only reason I bought this was to support another game coming by this developer, called Starbound. The game itself, not terrible, but just meh.
It's a great Game! You just need some ppl to play with.... in a group its easier and way more fun! Try it again with some friends and you will change your mind!
It is almost impossible to upgrade armor, unless there is a magical way to get 10k plus gold..
I really love RPGs, but I found this game insanely boring even with friends.. Still, the sprites were well made and the story was ok, the combat and leveling system just needed work.
Yeah, and that after "5 years of developement"
I'm glad that some of the money I put towards this game goes to Starbound because that's a game I actually am really looking forward towards. The rest of this game is just...

It's really not good. I rarely feel bad about buying a game, but I wanted this game to be more than what feels like an alpha release. It's buggy, multiplayer is just god-awful to set-up, and there's so much more work that needs to be put into this game before I could care about it. I mean, is this really all that can be accomplished by this team in five years? I would feel cheated if half the proceeds weren't going to a game that I really want to see.
Is this game even possible to play without friends? I've never even seen more than 6 people (all in private games) from my time with the demo and since I've gotten it. Overall, giant waste of money.
I wasn't big on the game when I first started but then I fell in love with it. The game gets more interesting when you get to higher difficulties and start building some of the higher end gear =)
Meh, that vines part was absolute trash. Even as a warrior I couldn't get that part to cooperate. I really only bought this however because it's Chucklefish's first game they published and it's putting money torwards Starbound.
Not to grief, but the game is not user freindly at all. Not to mention, it runs quite poor in multiplayer. It's going to become an indie-fad failure (if that), if substantial improvements aren't made to the gameplay. If StarBound is even close to this poor level of gameplay and polish, there's no way i'll support this gamemaker again. Buying WanderLust, even if it was quite discounted during the Steam Summer Sale, was a bad idea.
We've made a ton of improvements to the game since launch. We want to invite you guys to give Wanderlust a second go-round. Also, if you're not 'feeling' a specific class, try a different one; they all play completely different. =)
I will admit I haven't played the game much. I will say that it doesn't matter to me. I bought this game purely to help fund Starbound. The little bit I did play, I enjoyed. So, I say keep up the improvements and good job!
Just bought the game and there arn't that many problems. The sleep can be avoided by timing a rush into a vines hitting and running back right after the flowers bloom. There have been a few bugs but not too many. The main anoyance I have is enemies killed with a knockback move sometimes drop their heal on the other side of the invisible walls. Another issue is the lack of tooltips, for example it would be nice to see what each award ment in the "my awards" area. The UI/menus were strange at first but I don't mind them now that I've gotten used to them. Although not being able to navigate with left right arrows is strange since the up and down arrows work.

Also read that this game was made with gamemaker, if thats true, this is probably the best gm game I've played.
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There was so many glitches me and my friends happened across it bothered us. At first we thought it was just the host connections but it happened with two different people one had a brand new lappy. One of us would be stuck on the previous screen while the group got stuck on the next one. ya i got stuck on the vines as well =_= worst money my friend spent. Lucky part of it go's towards Starbound
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