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Leth  [developer] Aug 19, 2013 @ 4:44pm
What is Wanderlust: Rebirth?
Wanderlust: Rebirth is an arcade-action rpg, centered around co-operative play. The game is comparable to other linear action rpgs like Castle Crashers and Guardian Heroes. The main game is Story Mode, where you can play each one of 10 chapters until you master them. The most unique aspect about the game is that it requires you to play with flair and finesse in order advance; you must earn awards (i.e. triple kills, multi-kills, and other skill-based awards) in order to earn points at the end of the chapters. There is no 'exp-grind' in a traditional sense.

[-] I'd say, the elements that tend to catch players off-guard are the skill-combat focus and difficulty of the game. RPG players tend to come into Wanderlust thinking they can casually play and advance, and then are punished for simply refusing to use the block button or move around the battlefield. Blocking/moving/dodging are essential, and learning the nuances of each character will ensure you can obtain the best scores possible (which is the only way to advance).

[+] Players who love action games and action rpgs like League of Legends, Devil May Cry, and Gauntlet are usually the players who most enjoy what Wanderlust: Rebirth offers. We designed Wanderlust: Rebirth to reward players for skilled play, and to reward teams for working together.

[+] There are 3 difficulty modes, 3 endings, and 3 different game modes (Story, Crawl, and PvP).

There is also a demo on our main website - www.wanderlustgame.com - where you can play Chapters 1-3 in Story Mode and PvP for free.

Hope this helps!