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Femaiden Jan 12, 2013 @ 9:10pm
not worth $10
i bought this on sale for $3.39 and its all buggy and its almost impossible to find other players.
the live chat is barely functional, 90% the time things i type do not appear in the chat.
you hardly see anyone in the chat.

the game is extremely repetitive and brutal, you die in like 2 hits and need massive amounts of materials and money to craft just 1 item and get next to nothing for completing a chapter.
its really annoying to have to run a chapter 20 times to earn enough to buy just 1 item from the shop, and its really frustrating to keep running a chapter and keep getting scores of 83% and 91% .

the game just drops you in and hardly tells you anything i have no clue as to how it evaluates your performance during the chapters.

i think the game has promise but it needs a ton more polish.
i bought this because i was anticipating the release of Starbound.
I love Terraria and Starbound looks like a worthy successor but ..i worry that based on the problems that appear in this game, i feel a bit hesitant to buy starbound when it comes out.

i know on steam there are sometimes duds and this seems to be one of them. i only lost $3.39 but this game is totally not worth $9.99..during sales i got high production value games like batman arkham city and dead rising 2 and fable 3 for under $10, if i had paid $10 for this i would have felt extremely unsatisfied.

I never pay full price for anything on steam anyway because the sales are so unpredictable..you can pay $30 for something and 6 hours later its 75% off and most retail stores will make up the difference if that happens withing 48 hours or a week but not steam...
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2 Angry Inches  [developer] Jan 14, 2013 @ 8:10am 
I am sorry you feel that way, I think Wanderlust 2 will be more what you are looking for. It will be more akin to modern RPGs in terms of how players expect to explore and progress in the game.

Going into Wanderlust, a lot of players think Wanderlust: Rebirth (W:R) is going to be a different game than what it is, and judge it as so. W:R is similar to an old school arcade machine, meshed with RPG mechanics. The chapters are made with the sole intention of players replaying them many many times, trying to best their score, and in doing so will be able to acquire better items. And in the theme of old school arcades, Wanderlust is made to be very brutal. A lot of players are not used to modern games (especially ones with cutesy graphics) to be an♥♥♥♥♥kicker, and simply mash away at the enemies and do not understand why they are dying.

Once you have a lot of hours into W:R, you start to learn that each enemy has their own weaknesses and moves (there are over 40 enemies, all unique in what they do). We are hoping to expand on this concept in W2, but players are still going to be getting their butts kicked.

As for Starbound, TiY (the creator of Starbound), had no hand in developing W:R, he just loved the game and supported us, and we couldn't thank him more for that. He is a great guy, and from what I have seen of Starbound, it is going to be amazing.

Thanks for checking out W:R, and we hope you take a look at W2 when it is released, I think it will be more what you are looking for!
Femaiden Jan 14, 2013 @ 1:33pm 
well, i am giving it another chance, i am just glad i did not pay full price, no offense intended by that, i merely think the game is overpriced. i appreciate the claim that this took 5 years to make. i admit, i was expecting an rpg along the lines of secret of mana or diablo, so it kind of knocked me for a loop.

if the chat client was not broken, i could have gotten to talk to other players and i might not have posted such a scathing review but as it is, i am utterly unable to interact with the other players which renders a whole facet of my gamelay experience broken.
Leth  [developer] Jan 14, 2013 @ 8:12pm 
We had our server go down for maintenance recently, which would have taken the global chat down.

May have just been bad timing.

Also, the "E" key will reveal a lot of hints to you on how to play the game, but only if you are not in the Global Chat (toggle with "G").

Your review wasn't all that scathing, but the game isn't buggy. Just misunderstood.

A tip: Try beating a chapters on Hard before attempting it again on Normal; it's an easy way to earn 50 more CP.
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