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He_is_Legend Jan 3, 2013 @ 9:31pm
What's the verdict? Give it to me straight.
There's not many reviews for this, and I understand you bought the game so it will be a bit biased, but what is the final verdict on this game? Mostly as a co-op playthrough.
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DeadlyBytes Jan 3, 2013 @ 11:51pm 
The game can be pretty addicting when you are trying to get the perfect scores on the missions, and you are rewarded nicely for doing so. When you complete a mission you get a % score for the mission, say you get 80%, you would get 80 skill points. And if you get 100% then you get 100 skill points + a bonus 100. You can replay a mission as many times as you want to try and improve your scores. So you can get 200 skill points (Called CP in game) per mission

The classes might be slightly unbalanced in my opinion, at least I feel the alchemist class is completely useless because of how they work. If you only have one other person I feel the best route would be ether a Cleric + Fighter or Cleric + Mage. But any party combination pretty much requires a Cleric or two.

The low amount of item storage available can be a little frustrating at times, but you do unlock some more when you do a play through. (There are multiple endings as well). By the games nature of encouraging you to replay the levels and still feel rewarded at the end is nice. Especially because each of the three difficultys all provide you with chance to get the 200 skill points that stack between all the play throughs. So you could really get 600 skill points for doing 100% on a mission over all 3 difficultys (That would be very hard to do)

The PVP in the game is 100% unbalanced towards the mages, considering they can pretty much instantly kill players anywhere on the screen. As well as teleport almost anywhere they can see on their screen instantly. So the 3 other melee classes stand little chance.
So if you were interested in doing that with people I'd make sure nobody is playing one.

Overall I feel the game is worth its price, its a fun game you can enjoy with your friends, although you can play Solo as the game will give you some Ai companions, they are completely useless past Normal difficulty as well as near the end of normal.
MithranArkanere Jan 4, 2013 @ 8:21pm 

I can't go past the tutorial.

It says: "Go to the door and use RB" I go to the door and use RB, and nothing happens. I tried all buttons, and I cast spells and open lots of menus, but the door won't open.
Dead Marrow Jan 4, 2013 @ 8:34pm 
It's a really buggy/laggy game. I can see the cool ideas behind it but they're poorly implemented. I really wanted to get into it and i may try to give it another go later (if it gets patched some more), but at the moment I find the game unenjoyable.

For example, having the max score you get on a level determine how many character points you get sounds cool. But because (almost) everyone plays private games you'll be in solo mode most of the time and thus unable to get those points (some require multiplayer), severly limiting the growth of your character. On top of that the game may screw up even if you do get a higher score on an old stage (like it did for me) and refuse to give you any points for your char.
Game is pretty fun for casual plays with friends. It's a great co-op that provides you tons of hours that you can enjoy. It also take a lot of time if you want to master the game and class you are playing which is actually the thing i was looking for in this game. I can recommend it to you if you like co-op rpg's with graphic that reminds me about old games for GameBoy like Golden Sun :)
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phoenix Jan 6, 2013 @ 12:15pm 
I can't strongly recommend it. When I played through the campaign in online co-op with friends, we had a good time. But at least half of that enjoyment came from laughing together at poor (or unfinished?) game design, and after our playthrough none of us felt really compelled to pick Wanderlust back up again.
hondsgemein Jan 18, 2013 @ 7:45am 
Boring alone, but a blast with 3 friends. Played it for 66h now and still enjoying it, whenever everyone has time.
Davido01 Feb 18, 2013 @ 12:42pm 
Is it Worth it?
He_is_Legend Feb 18, 2013 @ 1:44pm 
The one time i tried to play it wouldnt ever let me and my friend connect
iCountBlocks Feb 18, 2013 @ 3:36pm 
It's not worth full price at all. Call me harsh, I'm dissapointed for paying for it at all. This game should be free, and refined before they attempt to charge 10$ for it.
2 Angry Inches  [developer] Feb 19, 2013 @ 7:13am 
Originally posted by He_iz_legend:
The one time i tried to play it wouldnt ever let me and my friend connect
That is not a bug, whoever was hosting needed to port forward. Could also be one of you had AV/firewall blocking the games connection.

It just depends, some people love it, some don't. It is definitely a niche title.

There are plenty of reviews all over, check out the user comments here:

More reviews:
and there are several more, most either love it or hate it.

A lot of the players that did not like the game were expecting Wanderlust: Rebirth to be something different than what they got.

If in doubt, try the demo on the main website at www.wanderlustgame.com
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