Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

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How to beat Dark Souls FAST: Shortcuts and Useful Tips!
Yaratıcı: Naewulf
This is how I play Dark Souls. I find it a fast and fun way to go through the game, exploiting many shortcuts and boss strategies that could make your life easier, so I have decided to share them with you. I've cut leveling, crafting, farming and other...
Guide making guide
Yaratıcı: くコ:彡0xFFF1
If you use this advice, any guide you'd make would be at least 100% better than any guide made without using this tip....
Как быстро нафармить души (Fastest way to Farm Souls)
Yaratıcı: Archibald
Получите столько душ, сколько вы захотите....
Легкий способ убить Демона-Тельца (Taurus Demon)
Yaratıcı: Archibald
Видеогайд как убить Тельца....
cool builds/cosplay
Yaratıcı: BarrySteakFry
ello ello, want to make a build/cosplay but don't know who or what to be as? or just don't know what weapons/armor to use? then this guide will help! Note: this guide is directed towards PvP 1.know who you want to play as: it doesn't really make much ...