Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

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How to beat Dark Souls FAST: Shortcuts and Useful Tips!
by Naewulf
This is how I play Dark Souls. I find it a fast and fun way to go through the game, exploiting many shortcuts and boss strategies that could make your life easier, so I have decided to share them with you. I've cut leveling, crafting, farming and other...
Overpowered in 15 minutes / How to obtain Black knight halberd Early Game
by Yes I'm level 1
This guide will show how to make any character overpowered in 15 minutes or less. These items will last you the whole of the game, and require little effort to obtain. This guide can also show you how to get the Black Knight Halberd for the "Kni...
Most common issues + fixes
by sajtt
A list of some of the most common issues you may experience and of the fixes for these issues...
Easiest Way To Get Havel's Ring
by Vuzenshi
A simple four step guide and video tutorial on defeating 'Havel The Rock' at the begining of the game....
Dark Souls Weapon Upgrade Paths
by Kilroy Blunt
This guide consists of a single image showing the progression path of each of the weapon types, the type and number of shards needed, the ember needed and the blacksmith that ascends that weapon. Additionally the elemental symbol is shown for reference. T...
RUS/ENG Darksouls fix multiplayer and co-op
FIix multiplayer and co-op. Watch video. If you dont know Russian pls switch subtitles....
Meaning of Dark Souls - Metaphor of Life
by RetriButioN
Dark Souls is much more than a mere video game made for having fun or passing time. It has the deepest of meanings hidden deep within every single word and each encounter. If you're looking to spend the most precious thing you have, which is your time, in...
DS Region and online solution
by HungryEyes
100% Achievement Guide
by P'TrickZ // GamingGod
All Details for every Single Achievement....
Guide to Essential Mods
by SundownKid
A guide to various mods that, in my opinion, should be in the game by default. They are the most important and essential to improving the game experience....