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How to get started with the PC version of Dark Souls
by Arbie
Fixes, setups, suggestions and tips to get the most out of the PC port of Dark Souls....
The Nine Covenants Of Lordran: A guide to the factions of Dark Souls.
A comprehensive guide to the nine covenants in Dark Souls. This guide will cover reaching, entering, and making the most of each covenant within the game. Pictures will be provided for directions and item descriptions....
Dark Souls - Grinding: Where, Why, and How?
by Steels12
I go into detail on the best spots to get items, souls, and titanite in the most efficient way I know....
Common Dark Souls Builds
by Cloud73 (JD)
A simple build guide for beginners in Dark Souls. This guide is a WIP for as long as it is interesting for me. Since a decent portion of it is finished at this point, feel free to rate and comment on what you think needs improving - I'll make changes a...
It's A Trap! The Drake Sword and You.
by Wrenchfarm
This guide is aimed towards new players and explains the weapon upgrading/scaling system and why the Drake sword may not be the boon it appears to be at the start of the game. Most of this will probably be old-hat for Dark Souls veterans. This was orig...
Dark Souls Complete Armor Sets
by Metalmurphy
This guide contains images and all the details (stats, where to obtain, description, etc) on all the armor sets, as well as individual pieces of armor that don't belong to a specific set....
Guide HD FR par ExServ (version ps3 1.01)
by ExServ
Salut à tous, Voici un guide vidéo entièrement commenté de Dark Souls, je l'ai réalisé à la sortie du jeu en version 1.01 du jeu. Ce qui signifie que certains aspects du jeu sont différents aujourd'hui. Voici une liste des éléments que vou...
Гайд: Эпические достижения (Epic achievements)
by RM_ARX Fatalis
Гайд: Эпические достижения (Epic achievements) включает в себя: - Гайд: Узы пироманта (Bond of a Pyromancer), - Гайд: Молитва девы (Prayer of a Maiden), - Гайд: Mуд...
Dark Souls Tips And Tricks
by Zar457
Have you ever wondered how to beat the game countless times and get the rarest loot? Read this guide to find out!...
Creating Low Level, High Power PVP Characters
by TankLesh
This guide explains how to make characters that are as strong as possible for their Soul Level in Dark Souls. These kinds of characters are ideal for level dependent PVP. This guide covers a variety of different level ranges, build types, and PVP strategi...
Dark Souls | Guía completa del juego con un piromántico
by Powerbazinga
Guía completa del Dark Souls: Prepare to die, jugada con un personaje piromántico....
Helpful items early-game
by ❤ Siggie
Teaches you where and how to get some powerful items very early in the game. Master key is necessary for some of them....
Гайд: Угли - где и кому
by RM_ARX Fatalis
Гайд по углям в игре Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition: местонахождение углей и кузнецы их принимающие....
Fast Two-Bells Guide (with Dragon Avoidance)
by arrjayjee
This guide will walk you through fighting the Bell Gargoyle and Quelaag and ringing both Bells of Awakening while avoiding all other bosses (and most of Blighttown and all of the Depths). It will also guide you to the Claymore and the Grass Crest Shiel...
Гайд: Темные души
by RM_ARX Fatalis
Гайд по темным душам в игре Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, которые нападают на игрока: места их появления и дроп вещей с них....
How to fix Dark Souls after the 9.17.13 patch.
by Padawelts
A simple fix to re-enable those who use DSfix and DSMfix....
SL 3 Darkwraith; Lautrec of Carim
by n2
With this build you will be able to invade anyone anywhere. it will require some advanced skill level and recommended for people who got familiar with the game already....
Suggested Progression with vital notes
by herofallenvillain
This guide is to help suggest to players (esp on their first playthrough) where they should go next and what to watch out for, so they don't miss vital parts/items of the game! This is NOT a walkthrough! This is a simple guideline to show which direction ...
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