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[Deprived] Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Skillplay)
by artem_klim
Игра проходилась персонажем класса нищий и с даром в виде кольца старой ведьмы)...
/dsg/ (Dark Souls General) Pastebin Link from /vg/
by dusty_thoreau
Here you will find a list of relatively useful and relevant links to pages concerning Dark Souls....
how 2 b legend
by NinjamanJosh
Stop being a fukn casul, and get ur pvp on with GIANTDAD, FEGIT...
h0w t0 b MLG FaZe pr0 at Dank Soul
by Trust Me, I'm Doctor Ozzy
This guide wil teech u al the skillz u need 2 b 420 quickscoping casuls in PvP in no time....
Super secret information to instantly git gut
by Major Chris Evans
Powered by Gwynerear huge ballistics...
Offical MLG guide to DS
by Yoloer2spooky
Do you want to be pro and shit? Well look no further. I'll show you how to be pro and kick everyone's ass online. You just gotta follow one simple rule. ONE SIMPLE RULE. SIMPLE RULE, ONE. YEAH, YOURE GOING TO BE THE PROEST PRO PROER THAN THE PRO'S PRO. TH...
Гайд по игре
by AnDark
Ответы на многие вопросы по игре, мультиплееру...
All Pyromancies and Where to Find Them!
by Graysonn
'Pyromancy is the art of invoking and manipulating fire. But remember one thing. Always fear the flame, lest you be devoured by it and lose yourself' - Quelana of Izalith This guide is very noob friendly so if you are new to the game, perhaps picking i...
How tha fuck ta become da most thugged-out top billin Darkwraith eva n' tha audacious trip required ta become as such.
by Dewitt_
A sensually incitin guide ta becomin Satan-incarnate up in tha Landz of Lordran. ...
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