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How to kill Knight Artorias
by VibronicTea
Follow this video step by step and Artorias will fall before you. If you are still struggling, get summoned into other peoples worlds and practice the technique....
Dark Souls: TOP 5 mejores armaduras + Guía para conseguirlas
by Powerbazinga
En esta guía os comento mis 5 armaduras favoritas de Dark Souls, tanto para PvE como para PvP. He 5 armaduras que me gustan mucho y he buscado variedad para que sirvan para distintas clases. Este vídeo complementa esta guía, ya que en él explico m...
Dark Souls: TOP 5 MEJORES ARMAS + Guía para conseguirlas
by Powerbazinga
Guía de las 5 mejores armas de Dark Souls según mi opinión, considerando Hola! :) Este es mi TOP 5 de mis armas del Dark Souls favoritas del Dark Souls y una guía para conseguirlas. He intentado coger armas de distintos tipos y que sirvan par...
Easiest Way To Get Havel's Ring
by Takoos
A simple four step guide and video tutorial on defeating 'Havel The Rock' at the begining of the game....
Overpowered in 15 minutes / How to obtain Black knight halberd Early Game
by Arid
This guide will show how to make any character overpowered in 15 minutes or less. These items will last you the whole of the game, and require little effort to obtain. This guide can also show you how to get the Black Knight Halberd for the "Kni...
How to be a Dragon Slayer
by Lion Ornstein
How to (properly) cosplay Dragon Slayer Ornstein....
How to get gud
by Kago
How to get gud with no skill...
cool builds/cosplay
by BarrySteakFry
ello ello, want to make a build/cosplay but don't know who or what to be as? or just don't know what weapons/armor to use? then this guide will help! Note: this guide is directed towards PvP 1.know who you want to play as: it doesn't really make much ...
How to become good at Dank Soul
by Swagemir
1, git gud u fckn skrub 2. stop readin dis 3. play the fckn game properly 4. neva gank 5. grass crest shuld 6. havul's ring 7. daddy's mask ur don...
《黑暗靈魂》玩家連線範圍基準 Ver1.1
by Cont120616
Dark Souls Achievement Guide
by -Vinicius-
Detailed guide with many informations and pictures, teaching step by step how to get 100% of the achievements in Dark Souls...
STR Guide for Dummies
by Captain Ragequit
This is a guide for Strength oriented playstyles for new players or players that just felt too many of the game's weapons were inaccessible with their character or that just never felt as though they understood the Strength playstyle. I'll be going over b...
Как перенести сохранения и достижения с GFWL на Steam
by ShadyS
В данном руководстве я размещаю перевод новости, опубликованной разработчиками, которая описывает что делать, чтобы перенести свой профил...
Миграция Dark Souls PTDE в стим
by TrustyCat
Миграция Dark Souls PTDE в стим...
[Deprived] Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (Skillplay)
by artem-klim
Игра проходилась персонажем класса нищий и с даром в виде кольца старой ведьмы)...
/dsg/ (Dark Souls General) Pastebin Link from /vg/
by dusty_thoreau
Here you will find a list of relatively useful and relevant links to pages concerning Dark Souls....
Гайд по игре
by AnDark
Ответы на многие вопросы по игре, мультиплееру...
All Pyromancies and Where to Find Them!
by Whitedaughterr
'Pyromancy is the art of invoking and manipulating fire. But remember one thing. Always fear the flame, lest you be devoured by it and lose yourself' - Quelana of Izalith This guide is very noob friendly so if you are new to the game, perhaps picking i...
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