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Spreading the disease
by fo_ruM
Let's take a look on this easy but problematic achievement....
Solution: "No sound in cutscenes" problem in Deadlight
by kschang77
Did you experience the cutscene audio problem, where you get like 3 seconds of audio, then it cuts out? So did we. Solution is actually quite simple....
Deadlight [Мёртвый Свет] - Русификатор
by |Fioh| BiOS
☠ Deadlight [Мёртвый Свет] – логический платформер, действие которого разворачивается в 1986 году на западном побережье Америки. Таинственная ...
Nightmare Mode Run.
by .Psyk0T1x
A simple run of this wonderful game in nightmare mode. No death, a big bug in chapter 3 as you may notice almost prevents me to finish the run. Hope that helps....
Achievements RUS
by Max Damage
Кнопки представленные в руководстве принадлежат джойстику от XBoX 360...
All 3 Health & Stamina Expanders / Upgrades
by H3NRY
A simple and objective guide that shows where you can get those 3 Health Upgrades/Expanders and those 3 Stamina Upgrades/Expanders....
Все достижения Steam
by Rugged Jollier
Видео руководство по получению всех достижений в игре Deadlight...
DeadLigth Step by step!
by yosh1
Welcome to my guide for Deadlight! I hope this guide will be able to assist all of you gamers out there! This guide is now complete. Here you will find a complete walkthrough to the main story line, with guides to all of the hidden collectible diary pag...
Все секреты, страницы, консоли
by Rugged Jollier
Видео руководство по поиску всех секретов, страниц, портативных консолей и увеличителей шкалы здоровья и выносливости....
DeadLight - Collectibles & Walkthrough
by Plasma SKX
Collectibles + Walkthrough...
Deadlight Health Expander Guide
by EG | Doctor Whooves - I.M.R.F
A Simple Guide On how to get the three Health expanders In the Game Deadlight. This also unlocks the "Health Expander" Achievment...
//Deadlight// Alle Handhelden
by ͩ ͪ ͧ Kajo
1 Handheld Diesen findet ihr im Akt 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Portable consoles
by Cysiek
In this guide I'll show you the locations of 3 remote consoles and information about "Let there be rock", "No Pain, No Gain" and "Invisible Touch" achievements which are associated with collected consoles!...
Deadlight Gameplay & Walkthrough!
by DoctorSanchez47
Deadlight Gameplay Walkthrough includes live Commentary by DoctorSanchez47. I will be playing the PC Steam version of Deadlight in it's entirety which will include a Review, Gameplay, Walkthrough and the Ending. CONNECT WITH ME Main Channel - http:...
by Hasan
If you have no sound in cutscenes, this guide might help you. // Wenn Du keinen Sound in Zwischensequenzen hast, könnte Dir dieser Guide helfen....
Deadlight SLI Fix (How to Enable SLI)
by Weeddrunken
This Guide shows you how to enable SLI for Deadlight......
Deadlight Video Walkthrough
by JaShinYa
A full video guide through the game with entertaining commentary! A full playthrough all the way to the... interesting... end! Subscribe here for more:
رفع مشکل کات سن که بدون صدا هست
by AliGame
برای رفع مشکل اینکه کات سن های این بازی که بدون صدا هست باید ALT + TAB کنید تا مشکل برطرف بشه البته این باگ خیلی مسخره هست...
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