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luc 2013年1月18日下午5:03
Constant Left Movement
Unless I'm holding down the Right Arrow, the character always walks to the left. I can't even get past the tutorial
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Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013年1月20日上午9:40 
Did you try pressing "Left" to see if it stops?
luc 2013年1月20日下午2:14 
Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013年1月21日下午4:40 
There are still a few things you can try, like rebinding your controls from the arrow keys to something else. Does that help?
kpulv  [开发者] 2013年1月22日下午4:00 
This is a new one! What are some details on the system you're playing it on? Do you happen to have a controller plugged into your computer that might be holding left? You can try disabling any controllers through the config file to see if that fixes it. The details on how to do that are here:
luc 2013年1月25日下午3:50 
I set enableController to 0 and it fixed it. The weird part about the whole thing was that there are no controllers plugged in, or anything that could act as one, even when I changed the controls to use wasd it kept making me move left.
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