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Yes, I know that the canonicical name is "Mary Sue", but what have YOU named your Mary Sues?

First Mary was named Bellatrix Argenta. She romanced Damian, then had a dream that he was going to ask for something precious and gave it to him. The dream scared her, so when things started to seem a bit too familiar, she refused and lost some of her Hard Won Strength. Her new goal is to become a Slayer by tracking down Damian and stealing what passes for HIS soul and binding it to her.

Second Mary was named Charlotte MacFarlane. When she saw Ellen, she knew she wanted a slice of that pie. When Ellen rejected her, she tried hitting on anything that was female, but all she got out of it was Pastel kissing her and attempting to kidnape her. Charlotte refused to be hazed. When faced with the monster, she found that she had no way of bypassing it, so she attacked it and got hurt. When Sna- Grabiner chewed her out for it, Charlotte pointed out that since the school kept track of what classes the students attend, they would KNOW that she had no way of bypassing it, so she stood her ground and blasted it. Every year after Freshman Year, Charlotte would talk to all the Freshman Horses and tell them that if they don't want to be part of Initiation, they don't have to. She also never went back home after Freshman Year. However, by Senior year, her friends "convinced" her to join in. She played along and made her freshthing do incredibly minor things like feching things from the other side of the room or order her freshthing to ignore all Senior Orders except her own. She also did what the seniors SHOULD have done and actiually filled in the wildseeds about the rules and traditions of the magical world. Charlotte ended becoming the Red Teacher and occasionally fills in for the Black Teacher when they are busy.

Third Mary was named Enoby Dementia Dark'ness Raven Way. She slept all week, refused to be hazed and slept again. Potsdam took her home. I'm going to do a serious run with a new Enoby involving high Weird, Red, Blue and Black
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Kistaro May 12, 2013 @ 3:45am 
Purity Tenebrae, wore a halo and was voted most likely to steal someone's underwear. That name went better than I could have ever hoped.
Protoss Jun 8, 2013 @ 10:51am 
Jeanne Dark. You can find out the pun yourself.

The second one was Doria Dork. :-)
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Greatfox [RUS] Jun 29, 2013 @ 6:05am 
What a nice game, albeit short. Finished it off for first time, and it was (what a shame) Marisa Kirisame. She tried to max out all of magic colors in order to try to become the Master of Magic , but ended up with about 60 in each color. Never spent a whole day in a gym, never cared about romance stuff, rarely got out to buy some magic stuff. Should've focused on 3 colors instead (had a little use to most spells anyway).
Next Mary Sue will keep that in mind.
Kamino Neko Jul 4, 2013 @ 7:28pm 
I try to give Mary a name from a different ethnicity every time I play.
So far, she's been:
Scottish - Siubhan MacKenzie - She romanced Damien.
English - Emily Addams - Romanced Ellen.
Norwegian - Maria Kristofferssen (or at least that was my intent...she ended up named Krostoffersen due to a typo that I never noticed until the end of the game) - Also Ellen.
Indian - Sri Darzi - Ah...Ellen again (what can I say, I like Ellen).
Arabic - Dima Boulos - She bagged Virginia.
Finnish - Erika Joekela - Rounded out the lot with Donald.
There was also a failed attempt at romancing Virginia before Dima, but I've forgotten her name.
Emmia Syke
Lucia White
Velma Dinkly
Zucku Jul 18, 2013 @ 5:09pm 
Tanissa Vergaz - Red, Green and White magic specialization. She's weirder than most, and has a way of wanting everything to revolve around romance drama if she can. She's a real romantic, and at times feels like it's hard to not let it show, but she tries to tone it down for Virginia. She likes doing stuff, the wilder the better. She wants to see all the sights of magical society, and isn't afraid of a round of detention if she deserves it. She's devoted to all her friends, and wants to help them all succeed, too bad she's not observant enough to catch most stuff before it's too late, she keeps her girlfriend close to make sure she'll notice when she needs to be there for her.

She actually does intend to go through with the marriage plan, and hopes it'll become a lifelong deal.

Erin Engsel - Pale-Blue specialist (Blue with some white), she has absolutely no prowess in Red magic whatsoever. A Serious, smart student, enjoys being treasurer, but does wish her mail duties could start at least one hour later. She finds it annoying how there's no introduction pamplhet or something for wildseeds, so they can know things in advance, she feels she's really benefited from her treasurer position in that regard. She truly loves Ellen, and strives to make known how real her feelings are, she also aims to match up to her girlfriend's wits and skill. She hopes they can together forge a beginning for magical science, and greatly admires Ellen's scientific instint. If left to her own devices she could easily overwork herself, but luckily enough distractions usually tend to pop up.

She hopes she can coax Ellen to come stay with her family next thanksgiving, and hopes her own warmth as well as that of her family can help Ellen settle calmly with her decision to cut off from her own family completely.

I'm definatively giving Erin another run at some point, where i'll try to max her smart by focusing a bit less on gym and white classes. As well as sorting out a better ending to Minnie and Kyo's plotline.

But first, time to make a serious student who studies everything all the time.. and then studies some more in the weekends! In adittion to being treasurer (unless i decide to go for failing at becoming president... hmm), this should end up being fun.
Potato Sue
Violet Reynolds. She was always a pretty serious student, both at her old school and at Horse Hall. She's starkly independent, as she refused to take part in any of the initiation stuff. She grew extremely close to her roommate, Ellen Middleton. Perhaps due to their wildseed heritage and inquisitve natures, they became fast friends...and slowly, something more. Violet is hopelessly in love with Ellen, though she might not admit how deep her feelings are. When she saw that Ellen had sent her a card as well, she had to repress a squeal of delight - she thought that Ellen might find it unbecoming of her. She also agrees with Ellen's view on magic and technology - she doesn't see why understanding magic is such a bad thing.

Due to the estrangement brought on by the wildseed amnesia, eventually Violet joined Ellen in living at the school. Besides - better around someone who loves her than someone who barely remembers her.
EvilCuppyCake1 Aug 4, 2013 @ 11:53pm 
I have no idea why but I based her/ her looks off of Lacus Clynne from Gundam Seed. First was Damien than the professor. I'm really impressed though some of you took the time to come up with backstories for your characters.
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