sanjmerchant Feb 5, 2013 @ 6:51pm
Dobby Fell Off the Map!
While playing through Dobby's Plan in Year 2, while your chasing Dobby around the underside of the Quidditch arena stands, when he's in his second position, it's possible to knock him off the edge altogether by running into him (or worse, one of the player characters under computer control doing so accidentally). His health meter goes to zero and he doesn't come back. You basically can't continue with the level, because Dobby's not around to open one of the hatches. Only solution is to quit the level and start over. Fortunately, this isn't very deep into the level, so it's a relatively minor inconvenience. I actually found it funny more than anything else! Plus it's kind of surprising, because these games are usually pretty well designed to keep you from reaching an unwinnable state.