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Osmosion 2012年12月11日 22時40分 
Hey dude. I have the exact same problem as you. It happened on both my windows 7 laptop and my windows xp computer which i just got a new graphics card for. I was gonna respond to you if i found out how to fix the problem at the end of year 3 with the 2 witch statues but i got nothin for now. Try going into the properties in lego hp years 1-4 and go to local files and click on verify integrity of game cache. That button basically downloads any missed and important files for the game. I just checked mine about an hour ago and i had like around 150 missing files. Unfortunately it didn't make a difference on my pc. But it might on yours. Give it a try. Just remember that your not the only one with this problem. I'm really really irritated cuz i wanna go on to year 4.
Osmosion 2012年12月11日 22時41分 
Hopefully somebody will help us out with this. But if i find anything i'll let you know ok?;)
Osmosion 2012年12月11日 22時43分 
Omg you actually got the ice to melt. Mine freezes right before the statues blow the fire to melt it.
Mina 2012年12月13日 9時13分 
So, I went in and played again(and again and again) but this time, before hitting the Fire Sneezers I took a picture:
Osmosion 2012年12月13日 9時29分 
Oh yeah i see that. I might get lego hp 1-4 on my computer but with a different application like GOG and or gametap sometime. I'll see if it's steams doing or not.
Osmosion 2012年12月13日 17時53分 
Hope you looked in the other forum DEMSHELLS:) If ur enhanced graphics and vsync settings are off then turn them both on and restart the same. I just got past the freezing part and it didn't freeze:)
windows 10 makes me sad 2012年12月13日 18時17分 
The only thing im stuck on is the part with the devils snare in the begining.
Osmosion 2012年12月13日 19時35分 
Devil's snare? In year 1?
Osmosion 2012年12月13日 20時37分 
No problem dude;)
Osmosion 2012年12月13日 22時22分 
Btw DEMSHELLS add me on steam if you want:) I'm always looking for new friends:)
windows 10 makes me sad 2012年12月14日 5時19分 
Osmosion の投稿を引用:
Devil's snare? In year 1?
Yeah the one in the begining in year one.
Osmosion 2012年12月14日 15時55分 
What do you need help with? Describe the part your stumped on.
Osmosion 2012年12月14日 17時50分 
Is it the ending of year 1 when your going after professer quirrell?
windows 10 makes me sad 2012年12月14日 18時39分 
oh no im not stuck on it anymore

it was the part wgere Ron gat attacked by the devils snare.
Osmosion 2012年12月14日 18時40分 
Oh yeah in herboligy class right?
1-15 / 38 のコメントを表示
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