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dubesor 2013年1月12日下午12:23
Total Biscuit rant
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[HdF] Almut Grete 2013年1月12日下午12:39 
i actually saw your video on the hord thing and desided not to it it, guess i will do the same here. Thank you (again).
dubesor 2013年1月12日下午1:36 
? I am not TB, lol. I was just posting it since it gives a pretty decent first impression for people who are interested in the game.
Dazza 2013年1月12日下午8:18 
Gotta love TB :D
Jera 2013年1月14日下午8:28 
100% agree. I played the beta of this game. It's pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Doesn't look like they've fixed much.
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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