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Max Hardwood 2013년 1월 9일 오후 3시 50분
Alien Swarm
Is this just a zombie version of Alien Swarm (the free game)? I haven't bought it yet, and it looks like fun, but the price is too hard to swallow when it looks so much like Alien Swarm.
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Consolize90 2013년 1월 9일 오후 4시 15분 
Can't beat the Alien Swarm price, what can you do? Should be free lol...
that's what she said 2013년 1월 9일 오후 4시 56분 
Alien swarm is better for your mental health (and wallet).
Major Payne 2013년 1월 10일 오후 4시 00분 
Alien Swarm has better graphics, but this one is OK
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