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DireGray 2013年1月8日 14時52分
[Video] First Impressions of Primal Fears
Over at Distraction Gaming we ran an article with a first impressions video of Primal Fears.

So if you are looking to hear/see more of the game check out the video over at:

If you liked this video please do come back and post it helps spread the word!
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Rillywex 2013年1月8日 16時04分 
I love how the video went from "oh, it looks cool" to "damn this sucks, I won't even finish playing the lvl. If you want coop, go play Alien Swarm".

kudos to you
DireGray 2013年1月8日 22時57分 
Thanks the game does LOOK good but like I said in the video all the small things just compile on top of each other and you forget the atmosphere in favor of a mediocre game.
Noszombie 2013年1月12日 16時26分 
xD someone whines about people whining. The irony
1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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