They Bleed Pixels
natalia Aug 10, 2013 @ 10:53pm
Dying with a save sigil makes the game run at half speed
I don't know if this was coded in or what, but it always hinders me a lot more than it helps me. For some reason, whenever I die with a save sigil ready to be made, the game makes itself run at half its speed, maybe slower. This is only ever fixed by either reloading the game or getting another save sigil ready. And honestly, this is a fantastic game, but this problem I've been suffering with has made it an extremely more frustrating experience. Take chapter 3-1 for example. At the end, I had a save sigil ready, and died. It made the game run at half speed and I suffered many deaths. I thought it was simply my fault, and that I needed to just get better at the game. When I returned to 3-1, I didn't have a save sigil ready so it didn't slow down. I passed that entire final segment flawlessly. Anyone else have this problem, is there a fix? Thanks for your time.