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Spooky Squid  [開発者] 2013年2月10日 9時58分
POLL next They Bleed Pixels bonus level.
Hey folks, I'm starting work on a new free bonus level and I wanted to ask the community what difficulty they'd like to see. The poll is up on the They Bleed Pixels Facebook page here:

Miguel Sternberg
最近の変更はSpooky Squidが行いました; 2013年2月10日 9時58分
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Malzzzy1 2013年2月10日 15時11分 
Bonus levels are cool and all but it would be nice to be able to play the game I paid for.
Crowley 2013年2月10日 17時36分 
If only I had a Facebook account D:
Spooky Squid  [開発者] 2013年2月10日 18時06分 
Sorry to hear you're having trouble running the game. I assume Andrew here on the forums has gone over the problem with you and you're waiting for the rewrite/port? If that's the case you'll be happy to know these bonus levels don't really impact that work. I handle all the level design stuff and am not involved in the porting. There's at most a day of work integrating the new content into the game on the programming side so this has almost zero impact on our porting schedule.

Crowley (and anyone else without Facebook)
Feel free to read over the options in the Facebook poll and then comment here with your vote. I'll combine votes from FB and the forums when deciding how to balance the new level.

Fimbulvinter 2013年2月12日 4時19分 
We can't read the poll unless we have a facebook account. Page just tells us that we have to log in to see the page. Can the info in the poll be transcribed here?
Spooky Squid  [開発者] 2013年2月12日 5時58分 
Sorry about that! Facebook seems to be weird about permissions (link to page is readable, individual link to a specific post isn't). Here's a link that should work:

Here's a transcription:
"Hey folks, we're in the early stages of designing a new free bonus level and wanted to ask the community what they'd like to see most. Feel free to comment with feedback or suggestions as well.

[] Easy level with emphasis on fun kills.

[] Punishingly hard, similar to 4th chapter difficulty.

[] Medium difficulty with optional hard challenges, like the Halloween bonus level."
Rev'lanth 2013年2月12日 8時22分 
3rd option, medium dffclty
parcival 2013年2月12日 10時44分 
3rd option, medium difficulty! (aka 0x04). Thx.
TrixxTraxx 2013年2月12日 11時18分 
Well, I would prefer the easy level with fun parts.

It's very pitty, that there is no level editor for the community with nice statistics, for example, how many people have completed.

Thanks for asking!

;-), Mike
Crowley 2013年2月12日 11時32分 
I vote for "punishingly hard".
I want to tear my eyes out in frustration. Well, maybe not that extreme.
Fimbulvinter 2013年2月12日 23時19分 
I vote for the easier level with the emphasis on fun and varied kills. Something that rewards chaining combos more than precision platforming.
sockesocke 2013年2月14日 12時23分 
i absolutly love this game, thanks for making another level.
id like a punishingly hard level. something that takes countless tries.
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1-11 / 11 のコメントを表示
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