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whore me up Feb 5, 2013 @ 1:01pm
the timer thing
i dont know if anyone has perceived this before but whatever

let me shed light upon this

if you pause the game without having the timer on, it automatically ceases counting time, im quite certain about this, because months ago when i was attempting to S rank 3-2 i was interrupted while in mid-game and left the game running for as much as half an hour, hence having a really long session oscillating around 44 minutes spent in-game. regardless, according to the level summary (or stats) it took me around 10-15 minutes to complete this level

now the problem arises when the timer is on. despite pausing, the timer seems to blatantly dismiss your actions, as it keeps doing its thing while everything else on the screen is frozen.

its a negligible issue but still
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SpookyAndrew  [developer] Feb 5, 2013 @ 3:56pm 
This is something i've been meaning to fix for a while now, BUT the timer should reset itself to the correct time on resumption of play.

Please let me know if this does NOT happen.
whore me up Feb 6, 2013 @ 6:13am 
oh just checked, works fine sorry for trouble

ive been really distrustful of the thing since it messed up my (abortive) end speed run back in december
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