Gutbomber 2012年12月21日下午4:56
I can play multiplayer with others usually...
I'm a pretty good player and I can usually have the ability to play with other people. I'm willing to go democrat and republican but i'm republican so I rather play republican but i'll play democrat if you want to be republican. Just add me on steam and message me.
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Gutbomber 2012年12月23日下午11:36 
Just played multiplayer with someone who saw my discussion. We had fun and I went republican that game.
Gutbomber 2012年12月24日下午8:18 
Played with someone again, had fun and no problems.
Emracool 2012年12月31日上午7:58 
I want to play you in political machine.. I really like that game and nobody else seems to play it.. We can also chat while playing.. I added you
Gutbomber 2013年1月1日下午7:25 
Cool can't wait, also I added people who play The Politcal Machine 2012 on your friend's list lol.
Spartan Gamer 2013年1月31日下午9:05 
Can I play you PLEASE.^^
-{THRA}- Sword of Michael 2013年2月2日上午10:09 
when i try multiplayer its always blank. Why??
Gutbomber 2013年2月2日下午12:14 
Doss The Boss 2013年2月10日下午10:50 
Yea same with me. When I try Multiplayer it is always blank. I emailed Stardock. Should hear from them this week
Gutbomber 2013年2月12日下午9:02 
i jsut played 2 people who saw my post btw
Doss The Boss 2013年2月17日下午2:37 
Hey if you want to play online add me. Willing to go Dem or Rep.
Gutbomber 2013年2月23日下午4:03 
Gutbomber 2013年3月18日下午8:26 
Thanks for all the requests i'm getting! Also I got 2 of my friends in real life into this game; it's awesome! I'm still active and know a lot of people who play this game too if you ever come across to me in this game! Please feel free to friend me to play this game.
targetmaster 2013年7月16日下午10:35 
Added you if you're interested..
Gutbomber 2013年7月16日下午11:13 
now that it's 99 cents its awesome
The Brycenator 2013年7月18日下午5:00 
added if u want to still play
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