Betty Cupcake Jan 20 @ 3:40pm
Extraction Point was AWESOME.
And scary as hell! I was more scared doing this dlc than I was during F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R had a few good scary moments, but EP was far more consistent with not letting me forget I was playing a horror game. Loved it. Kudos to the devs because so far everything about this series has been phenomenal.
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Retro Jan 23 @ 9:24am 
I agree, I enjoyed FEAR, and when I first started Extraction Point I was pleasantly surprised how it tied in to the original. Great game for its' time, and compares favorably to new offerings. {I'm looking at you, Colonial Marines}
laymonage Feb 7 @ 2:46am 
Agreed. EP is scarier than F.E.A.R., especially because of those damn invisible creatures and more scares.
Celticpredator Feb 8 @ 9:59pm 
3 hours into Extraction Point, loving it!
Betty Cupcake Feb 9 @ 9:36am 
I almost wish I hadn't played it so I could experience it again.
It is an amazing game must be played, very good.

Se trata de un increíble juego debe ser jugado, muy bueno.

[SK]GhosteK Apr 27 @ 4:43pm 
Yeah, Extraction Point is more dynamic than base version of game! I enjoy it much more than Fear :D
Vuco Apr 29 @ 12:32pm 
Yep, I also agree with your statement :) Base version was scarry and I love that the expansion is even more :)
[DSN] EXET May 13 @ 9:32am 
I just finished FEAR yesterday . . . and can't wait to start this add-on!!!

As I can read above, it's going to be even better than the main program . . . fantastic!!!
manenbu May 30 @ 12:10pm 
Same here.
FEAR was actually horrible. Mostly boring, a "corridor fps" with all enemies in expected locations and just about everything was obvious. The random scare every now and then did not make it scary enough (which is the point of it, no?). Also too easy - no challenge at all at normal difficulty and didn't want to go through this boredom again in higher difficulties.
This made me not want to play the expansions packs, because they are always worse than the original. Well, I had some extra time so I had to give it a try. Who would have known? It's actually scary! I love it. Also started with a higher difficulty setting this time (although still easy enough). I didn't even finish it but can't stop playing! Amazing.
Anesthetize Jul 2 @ 11:11am 
Extraction had a few more spooks for me then just F.E.A.R. Though...nothing on the whole game/movie front does much for scaring me. Sense I know it isn't real.
Jeff Jul 22 @ 7:22am 
Hollywood should do a movie based on on both fear games and half life also.I would buy a ticket too see both.
Betty Cupcake Jul 22 @ 12:02pm 
Originally posted by Jeff:
Hollywood should do a movie based on on both fear games and half life also.I would buy a ticket too see both.

There are three FEAR games, unless you intentionally left out the third because it wasn't that great lol. I would also see those movies, they would be awesome if done right!
Pulsatey McUlcerationson Jul 24 @ 7:29am 
Today I just thinking back to when I played the hospital mission for the first time.
Damn good intense and creepy fun. MAYBE one of the finest expansions for a game ever?
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oulosvie Jul 28 @ 10:20am 
FEAR was scary but this addon is scary too!
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