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Zomby 2012年8月18日 18時20分
No 2-pack?
It's a shame that they're not offering a 2-pack because it's exactly the kind of game you'd want to buy an extra copy for a friend to play with you. A little saving on a 2-pack would really increase sales of the game.
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brob 2012年9月2日 2時05分 
I couldn't agree more :/
Elepants 2012年9月9日 10時33分 
[La Fuerza del Dios] RAAAAMM! 2012年12月8日 3時44分 
I completely agree!
I was going to buy one for me and my brother.
­­Δ👽 Louna 👽Δ­­ 2012年12月8日 19時16分 
You already save 15$ on it, it's already a good discount
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