[Grievance]That_Ghoul_Ava Jun 24, 2013 @ 6:46pm
Game goes beserk/won't work
I'm at a loss - tutorials work fine, game loads fine, but if I try to play a refualr game, it goes to a black screen while the game sounds countinue on. I checked all system settings, Vudeo Settings, Drivers, ran on full settings, min settings, everying in between, full screen ect - I give up. Every time I try to do a skirmish or campaign, the game freaks out - you can hear the game, but the screen goes black. I can't even bring up the Task Manager; I'm forced to do a hard reboot,

Not sure what's going on - I'm using a Win 8 machine I built. I only paid $4 this game = I thought it would be similar to the Battle Chess I loved as a kid, so if I have to cut my losses & walk, oh well. But It anyone has had any similar issues or knows how to address them, I'm all ears,

This game seems to be more trouble than it's worth,