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Avocadopinata 2013年9月12日下午7:23
Is this any good
Sorry to waste your time, but I have a friend who loves this and a friend who hates it. Is it fun, say, more fun than Anomaly? I get Anomaly isn't and FPS but still.
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NOKIA SE 2013年9月12日下午7:56 
Sanctum 2 has a demo available for us, you can give it a try via its page in Steam store. But honestly I must say Sanctum 2 Demo has a very limited offering in terms of contents and available options compare to the full game. Because basically it will just provide you with the first couple levels along with the available options during that stage in the game. So if you later find the game already good and interesting then whoa you probably going to like the game a lot more.

Anomaly is a Top-down perspective Single-player Tower Offense game. So in my opinion it should not be compare with a Tower Defense First-person shooter game that support up to 4 players like Sanctum. But whether it is the offense or the defense that leave you the impressive you like in the first place. The game involved with a lot of towers is fun because we have to think over the arrangement of the towers then reflect it with the best approach to win the game.

But since Sanctum 2 is the sequel of the world's first Tower Defense and First-person shooter hybird, you will expect a more action packed gameplay as well as survival gameplay by defending the goal with both the towers you build and the guns in your hand.
最后由 NOKIA SE 编辑于; 2013年9月12日下午7:57
RED-FROG 2013年9月14日下午2:39 
Play the demo.
It's good.

If you like the demo and you want more, you should get more.
Voice of Harold 2013年9月26日上午5:06 
As somebody that loved the first game a lot... Sanctum 2 is the most dissapointing game for me in the last year or two.
So often this happens to sequels... a small group of hardcore fans love a game and then everything that made it what it was was changed.
My disappointment bordered on anger.
LoRDHitMan 2013年9月27日上午11:13 
I lke it. I wish that I could play it with my friends, but they don't want play this kind of game(
BajaAlaskan 2013年9月28日下午2:11 
I do enjoy the game. I haven't played with friends yet, but it is definitely a goal I have. Otherwise I'll see if anyone else here wants to do a group sometime.
®estart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2013年9月28日下午4:22 
It's very annoying when the enemies fight you back. It doesn't give you a "FPS TD" feeling anymore. And the unlock system and characters just seems like thrown in there to make the game look cool. I would just stick with Sanctum one.
最后由 ®estart ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 编辑于; 2013年9月28日下午4:23
The Lost Vikings 2013年9月30日下午5:53 
Its not like an fps that much, it just feels like it. Don't expect to come in guns a blazing.
[CPC] Froh 2013年10月2日下午6:10 
Sanctum 2 is a great evolution over the first one. And I really like how it evolved. They also comes with a really different feel so it stays great to play the first.
ShadowSpectre 2013年10月3日下午8:35 
I like both the first Sanctum game and the second. And despite a lot of the negativity surrounding the second one, it's more of personal preference or from people who didn't play far enough in to see what it was really like. The game has a smoother feel than the first in that the way certain things work are just more convenient. I personally like how a lot of the maps due to the design require more effort on the player's part to pick the right towers and mazing scheme to work with those towers in order to complete the map. It's interesting because you're both more reliant and less reliant on your guns in the second at the same time. I like how the second is like the first but doesn't feel like the exact same game, so it feels fresh and fun to play. As for comparing it to Anomaly, they are very different TD games. In Sanctum you are in an FPS view mode and built your towers as well as attack in that way. I would say that Anomaly is also more of an attack-TD and not like a traditional TD whereas Sactum is like a traditional TD, but in an FPS sort of way. I personally like Sanctum 1/2 better than Anomaly, but Anomaly is still a good game.
Thanes of Danes 2013年10月3日下午9:18 
I'd say give the demo a whirl and if it tickles your fancy, then get the full game. This game is about 60% tower defense and 40% FPS with some solid RPG mechanics thrown in. You will be moving and shooting like an FPS, but between rounds you will construct defenses a la tower defense. If you're looking for a "pure" tower defense experience, pass on Sanctum 2-you are definitely required to run and gun. However, if you're looking for something with fleshed out aspects of both an FPS and a tower defense, then buy it. Hope this helped!
Overwatch 2013年10月4日上午11:39 
Yes, you should play the demo. It should give you an idea about how the game is. In any case if you want to know somethings before you play it, I can tell you it is very good in my opinion. Differently from the first one this one mostly a FPS rather than a TD, so have this in mind before you play.
[CPC] Froh 2013年10月4日下午1:54 
Well I beg to differ. This one is "more focused" on the FPS part than the 1st, but the TD part is still strong. More like 50/50.
Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander 2013年10月6日下午12:31 
I love it! You should totally get it, you'll be busy for hours.
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