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The Depths solo (no feats)
How to beat Depths map solo?

According to many discussions I saw already, braindead chimp should be able to do so - so Im worse than braindead chimp, as I cant beat it. Tried Focus + AMP + Kiros - managed to survive to 10, final wave, then core was destroyed. Tried adding Rockets - survived to 8-9. Tried placing Violators + AMP - survived even less and this setup provided to be even worse - I was dealing nearly all damage, as towers were simply way too expensive to upgrade and two or three violators are shooting too slow to deal any noticeable damage. Violators set up to pick targets with most hp, naturally.

The main problem is that I cannot control enemy flow - they all pick up all possible pathes to the core, avoiding towers and map construction prevent me from forming one entrance and focus towers at that point.

Also, dealing with shootgun guy, Phoenix, Resilent Core and that one causing 2k damage to any enemy attacking the core.

Thank you for replies.
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Shadow2by4 Apr 22, 2014 @ 8:33pm 
I recommend you try out Skye or Sweet for this map. Since I don't know what level you are I can't recommend weapon loadout or perks for each character. I'm guessing you are probably level 20? Without DLCs?

For towers I recommend: Focus, Gattling and Rockets
You want a focus near your core and to set gattlings and rockets target to lowest health.
For perks: Shocking revelations, this will help greatly when you need to defend the core. You can use whatever other 2 perks that take your fancy.

For weapons I would use either Gattling or telsa. These will help greatly for clearing mobs.
If you still need help just let me know

Hope this helps ^^
Yes, it is 21 rank in fact, without any DLCs. Thank you for help and advice.
FerrousTarkus Apr 23, 2014 @ 7:31am 
Bring friends! Play with other to and learn from them.
Just wanted to say that I finally managed to beat this. Some random player joined with DLC character and alone cleared all waves. Big thanks to him/her as well.

I dont see this as very fair, but I try to finish games I bought and started playing.

Now reached The End and I dont think I ever cursed so much in front of monitor. But thats material for different thread.

Thank you for replies anyway, again.
cruczi Apr 23, 2014 @ 3:09pm 
I found the Depths quite manageable when soloing it, until I picked all the feats of strength. Took me 5+ attempts to get it right... IIRC I used SiMo, SMG, a few Violators in the front of the map, Kairos to slow enemies down as soon as they got up from the water, a Lightning tower as a finisher near the core, and some Mines (again, IIRC). For perks I had core HP, unstable core and marksman for that extra weak spot damage. It's really hard to avoid enemies getting to the core in this map when all the enemies are faster than normally and regenerate...
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