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Frequently Asked Questions
Since the launch on Steam, we got a couple of frequent questions which we'll try to answer here. If you have a question, please post it in the comments.

Are there any reviews of this game?

"Spirits is a wonderful puzzle game full on imagination and wonderment." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdxNZ2C77HE
"Spirits is definitely inspired by Lemmings, but it does also add to the formula, as there are more methods for creating a path to safety than by way of bridge building and digging because here, the wind itself also needs to be taken into consideration." http://www.wraithkal.info/become-a-spirit-guide-with-the-release-of-spirits

"Everything in this game is beautiful. Think of it as Lemmings meets LIMBO …" http://yctag.com/spirits-review/

"… an engaging, challenging game that is genuinely suitable for casual and hardcore gamers alike." http://www.indiegamemag.com/spirits-review-where-lemmings-go-when-they-die

"If you’re looking for a unique puzzle game for the Mac, look no further than Spirits."

How is the Steam version different from Android and iOS?

The Steam version features the same levels as the mobile and tablet versions of the game (except for the very first level). What's different is that the Steam version has a Fast Forward feature and a couple of neat graphical effects, so the game looks more impressive on a PC or Mac. You also get great Steam integration in form of Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud (even works between PC and Mac). Plus, there's a bonus PDF booklet in the Steam version that includes early sketches of the game.

Help, I'm stuck in a level!

You can find walkthroughs and solutions on YouTube, Steam Game Hub and on Twitter. If you have solved a tricky level, make sure to share your screenshot or video walkthrough and help other players out.
How are the world ranks calculated?

The world rank for a level is calculated by (A) the number of collected plants, and (B) the number of saved spirits, where a plant is worth a thousand spirits. If two players have the same number of plants and spirits for a level, they will have the same rank. Time is not factored in. In some levels, it's possible to save more spirits then required for the Perfect solution.

Are you planning to add more levels?

Not at this moment, but the Steam release added new bonus levels designed by pyjamads, one of the best Spirits players worldwide (he ranked #1 on iOS for months). Read more about him and the new levels on our blog[www.spacesofplay.com].
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Ferraun 2012年10月25日上午10:52 
Does it fit children ? If so from what age ?
andreaszecher  [开发者] 2012年10月28日上午2:20 
We don't have an official age rating for Spirits, but we have heard from parents that their (young) kids enjoy it. After the first dozen levels the difficulty ramps up quite a bit though. That said, it's a completely non-violent game with a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
swingline 2013年6月29日下午1:17 
cool story about having one of the best players (pyjamads) creating some new levels. I'm off to get the game now. Looks fun. thanks for posting here.
andreaszecher  [开发者] 2013年6月30日上午10:49 
Glad to hear you like the game! We don't have a boxed version unfortunately. :(
andreaszecher  [开发者] 2013年7月1日上午4:50 
Yes, we are currently working on our next game which is called Future Unfolding: http://www.futureunfolding.com
Thri11Ki11 2013年11月8日下午9:25 
I love this game on my iPad and iPhone. It's as beautiful as it is fun

Any chance you might add Steam Trading Cards? I would love to have some Spirits profile backgrounds and emotes?
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andreaszecher  [开发者] 2013年11月10日上午10:49 
引用自 Thri11Ki11
I love this game on my iPad and iPhone. It's as beautiful as it is fun :D:

Any chance you might add Steam Trading Cards? I would love to have some Spirits profile backgrounds and emotes?

Glad you like the game! We looked at Trading Cards, but decided to really put all of our time into our next game Future Unfolding instead.
Platy 2014年6月22日上午7:56 
Thanks this was really handy
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