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Eli Shitney* [PBR] 2012年9月5日下午1:45
On Android
I bought this on my phone and enjoy it. Is it worthing buying the steam version, too? Or is it the same game, just more expensive on the computer?
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JSilvanus 2012年9月5日下午2:30 
I understood that it's the same game. I got my own from Humble Bundle, and it had both Windows, Linux, Mac AND Android together. Haven't tried it on my phone yet, tho, but I'd think it's the same.
andreaszecher  [开发者] 2012年9月5日下午10:49 
The Steam version has the same levels as the Android version. What's different is that on Steam you have a Fast Forward feature and some more graphical effects, so the game looks more impressive on a PC or Mac. There's also a bonus PDF booklet that includes early sketches of the game in the Steam version.
Anim@ll_UK 2013年6月27日上午10:27 
I have on android .great game =)
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