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Solamon77 2012年9月4日 14時25分
Reminds me of a mix of Lemmings and Storm.
I'm really enjoying this game. It kind of reminds me of the classic Lemmings mixed with this newer game on the PS3 called Storm. I'm especially liking the beautiful pastel aesthetics.
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Mr.RoBoT 2012年9月5日 2時35分 
Yes I was gonna say the same thing about lemmings-like, I used to play that game
Hikkeen 2012年9月5日 8時33分 
When I first watched the video for this game I thaught this reminds me a lot of lemmings. I was wondering how many other people would make the connection.
psydex 2012年11月11日 12時30分 
Reminds me of Lemmings too
Player Review 2012年12月24日 21時09分 
Definitely. Been waiting for this to be on sale since I saw Josh Mattingly's review.
Aines 2012年12月25日 1時17分 
Came here just to see if anyone already posted the same impression.
Niban 2013年1月5日 21時37分 
Yeah this game is awesome. It caught my eye, but I never tried it until now. I didn't realize that it was lemming like. I love it already. This game needs more love :)
andreaszecher  [開発者] 2013年1月6日 3時46分 
Spread the love! ;)
Horatio 2013年6月27日 16時20分 
Well one of the short press statements in the store say something about Lemmings, so it's obvious I'm not suprised it plays in a similar way.

Storm I haven't tried but will at some point, probably.
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Solamon77 2013年6月27日 21時14分 
Storm just released today on Steam. Originally, it was a PSN exclusive.
MicHaeL MonStaR 2013年6月30日 6時56分 
I think I'd rather have a new and improved Lemmings. Kind of like what they did with Worms, but a bit better.
DOUCHE SUEDE 2013年7月20日 15時37分 
I was wondering why it seemed so familiar! N-thing the similiarities. And it's so relaxing!
Apothecary 2013年11月4日 11時19分 
Yeah, I watched the first video and thought, this is just Lemmings!

Man, I must be old.
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