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Splice Step-by-Step Walkthrough (all levels)
by Mandula
Welcome, this is a walkthrough guide for the levels of Splice (all sequences and strands). It has a tons of pictures, so it takes some time to load. Click the picture for bigger ones! If you see a mistake, please let me know in the comments. If you like i...
Angelic Levels
by Tulzaroun
Just a list of angelic levels. Posted on by EntityGM...
Splice 全成就指南 + 全视频攻略
by Josue
Splice 的艺术表现相当文艺,配色清新。原声为清澈的钢琴配乐。这里,我们来讨论一下 Splice 的全成就指南。...
Regular and Angelic Solutions for Sequences 1
by ʭ Little Miss Nuke
All the solutions, including Angelic. (More sequences coming soon!)...
Sequence, Angelic Strands, Epilogue (RUS/ENG)
by TroLL
В этом руководстве содержиться прохождение всех уровней - Sequence, Angelic Strands, Epilogue (This guide contains the passage - Sequence, Angelic Strands, Epilogue)...
Splice 한국어 가이드
Splice의 비공식 한국어 가이드입니다. Splice의 게임 조작 전반과 기초. 그리고 Angelic 도전과제 해금에 대해 설명합니다....