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Ben [PortsCenter.TV] 2012年9月14日 20時41分
"Cannon Fodder" in name only - what a horrid disappointment
I wish Jon Hare had been allowed to make his vision for Cannon Fodder 3. Instead, we get this. Such a shame.
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goebish 2012年9月26日 14時11分 
Nothing more to say. The worst 19€ I ever spent in a video game :/
Paul 2012年9月30日 8時16分 
Absolutely wonderful sequel. It has everything the predecessors had and more.
Toneloc 2012年10月3日 8時44分 
i think its a great game..just like originals,with improvements.
coolbloke1324 2012年10月6日 5時43分 
Agreed. Totally regret this purchase. No demo for a reason... anyone looking to buy this save youself the money, it is not a faithful follow-on from the first two and the controls and camera movement are horrible. Firing is less aim and more spray and pray. This is rinse and repeat levels with no imagination, don't buy it.
Xile{t} 2012年11月7日 10時22分 
Heh thanks guys I was on the fence due to nostalgia and I think you've saved me both money and disappointment teamed with frustration.
meshuggah12345 2012年11月7日 11時54分 
Do you guys actually remember how the original Cannon Fodders are?

coolbloke1324: "Firing is less aim and more spray and pray."
There was no aiming in the originals, your bullets flew all over the place. I loved Cannon Fodder 3, I put over 10 hours into this game and still plan on playing more of it.

The only thing I found lacking was the in game menus felt, and looked quite cheap.This game is quite faithful to the originals in style and gameplay, the only thing they really added was the ability to control your squad with WSAD, which is optional, you can still use old school point and click.

I found this game at times very challening, it made me chuckle a few times, and most of all its fun. I bought this for $19.99 back when it first came onto Steam and do not regret it one bit.
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radioman970us 2012年11月7日 12時48分 
You're right, it was spray and pray! lol Sometimes the memory candy coats.... still, no demo no buy for me. Well, until it hits the $5 point and i'll probably cave.
Atermi 2012年11月7日 13時36分 
The first CF on Sega MD2 is still better than this. Emul it on Gens on my PSP.
Linora Moontail 2012年11月8日 9時09分 
I still rather boot up the old Cannon Fodder from GOG when I feel in the mood for this kind of game, this doesn't look worth it.
Nosferatu 2013年1月27日 16時31分 
I'm still on the fence :( but going by the general thoughts here I'll wait until it's cheaper
JackMayol 2013年3月24日 3時07分 
Hi guys, if you are Cannon Fodder fans you might want to check out the greelight title "RUNNING WITH RIFLES". I am not saying it's how Cannon Fodder should have been but we took our inspiration from games such as Cannon Fodder and mixed it with the Battlefield series:

we also have a demo to try out!
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Sablicious 2013年5月16日 8時43分 
Why is this $20?? Does it come with real soldiers...? O_0
coolbloke1324 2013年5月21日 10時31分 
meshuggah12345 の投稿を引用:
Do you guys actually remember how the original Cannon Fodders are?

Yup and can still play them (dosbox) which is why I'm so disapointed by this version. Look, some people ARE going to like it but there is something missing from this version. 1 and 2 are still gems and always will be.

The originals are not spray and pray in the same way that this is.
XxBarakaxX 2013年8月3日 14時15分 
i like it .
It feels like a modern version of the real CF with new features.
The vehicle controls sucks
bluntman3000 2013年8月18日 4時14分 
How in the world do I save the campaign in this game? Spent some hours in it, but every time I restart CF3, I have to start from scratch.
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