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Vhansmurfn 2013年5月24日 12時47分
this game is 50% fun 50% boring
the game is sorely misunderstood as a crap game and is NOT made for people who want to soley kill mobs that is NOT what mmos are about though but the first 40 levels are TERRIBLY DULL untill u are able to participate in the events the game is NOT a play all day everyday game its a do your dailies and have fun without any boredem for a few hours then play another game everyday another issue is the MASSIVE amount of menus and content in them with no detailed explanation even someone with 3 max charachters most likely doesnt get some of what the menus do overall the games fun and ppl should be so judgemental towards it if u want to just kill mobs DONT PLAY AN MMO THATS NOT WHAT MMOS ARE ABOUT but if you DO there are games solely for that purpose if you just want fun combat that looks cool with some rpg elements play kingdoms of amular or an elder scrolls game
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Arrow SV 2013年5月27日 0時51分 
Agreed, sometimes it may come across as "boring" due to people always wanting to kills mobs, as you clearly pointed out. I think its a all round good game. I love the character tutorial and how simple it is to complete tasks. However, players can chooose not to click the blue links so the computer automatically takes them to the quest. Overall, great game.
Artylo 2013年7月7日 10時36分 
Yeah, but it needs balance. It has to be a better system for involving the player into the story of the "Imortals" universe. Most people dont read the text and they just go from an NPC to another whitout any logic involved. Along whit that they REALLY need to fix the level's system. People can grind from LV. 1 to LV. 30 in less than 2 hours.
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