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Be sure to register on the site NOT through steam/game interface
perfect world seems to have been having trouble activating accounts not made directly through their site for months now and still hasnt fixed it, so if you want to actually be able to play go register on their website.

i had registered an account for blacklight retribution days ago and still today it would let me log into the website but not into any game with my perfectworld account. (it would give me an error saying my password/login was incorrect even though it was correct for the site). doing some research i found out this activation issue was likely the problem, then i registered another account on their website and voila.. now i can log into the games.

(just google perfect world or go to http://www.perfectworld.com/ and the register button will be on top right corner of the site.)

(note: this will probably fix your problem if you're getting the error message that your password/login are incorrect when you try to log into the game, not really any other technical problems.)
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War of the Immortals > Общие обсуждения > Подробности темы
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