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I got far in the game unlocking levels and modes. Went offline mode on Steam and started the game again. Suddenly the game started fresh with only first stage unlocked. Logged back into steam and started the game again. Fresh game again with nothing unlocked : \
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jim.buck  [developer] Dec 17, 2013 @ 2:46pm 
There is another thread on here involving an issue with offline Steam. In your case, we use the Steam cloud stuff, so the save game stuff lives on your cloud account, but I know for a fact that Steam also stores the cloud data locally as well, to account for any issues with offline. We occasionally come across the odd Steam-related issue, and this sounds like one of them. I have no explanation for this, and unfortunately, there is no way to get that save data back if going online also did not fix it. (Well, the only other thing I can think of is if you still hadn't logged into your Mac version since this problem started, assuming you are right now using the Windows version, then you still might have an older save game living on the Mac version. If so, if you play a game on there, Steam should upload that version to your cloud account.)
fishmarketVendor Dec 17, 2013 @ 5:01pm 
Oh well. I just need to remember to only play it online from now on. Fun game and worth going through again, but it's just frustrating. Hope to try the 2nd Fieldrunners some day.
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CLBrown Jan 9, 2014 @ 12:16pm 
What an annoyance... I've been playing "FIeldrunners" on my ROKU device, but of course the final three levels of the PC version are not available on that platform (which I really wish you guys would fix!). So, the main reason I play on here is to get to those last three levels... and since this loses my progress, this means I can't get to them 99% of the time, until playing through every other level at least once.

I prefer not to use the "Steam Cloud" feature... I like playing different "saves" on different machines. So I turn this off entirely. Except, it seems, that this bug prevents me from doing so if I'm going to play Fieldrunners on Steam.

Where, specifically, do you store the "save game" data? It seems to me that this shouldn't be a problem...

... except that I've also noticed Steam pushing a LOT of "updates" which seem unrelated to the game content itself (some of the "updated" games are years old, and aren't seeing any new content provided). So, I suspect that this has to do with some "data storage redefinitoin" Steam is pushing through right now. I mean... games which have seen no actdual modifications requriing 6.4GB "updates" tells me that they're basically re-downloading the whole thing... and I suspect that they're also altering how they store "local data" for the games.

The thing is, if you're the developer for this game, and they're not even consulting with you... that is, if they're fundamentally altering the product you''re selling without consultation with you... is that even really legal? I'd think that, at the very least, they'd be WISE to talk to you, provide info re: their newly revised approach, and allow you to fix the program to work with their platform if necessary.

I get the impression that this may also be related, in some way, to the new "steam handheld" and SteamOS initiatives. If so, again, it's only common sense (and likely also legally required) for them to come to you first.
fishmarketVendor Jan 9, 2014 @ 9:16pm 
You should've read the Steam Subscriber Agreement that you accepted while signing up and using Steam. Remember that any game you buy on Steam is subject to those terms that you ageed to by clicking on the agree button.

Plus. If you dont like the auto updates, just turn them off. Steam allows you to do so.
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CLBrown Jan 10, 2014 @ 11:23am 

I did read the agreement I originally signed, when Steam started up. And while later purchases apply under later revisions of that agreement, my account in total falls under the original agreement as signed. Contracts, after all, are TWO PARTY documents, and cannot be altered unilaterally.

But that has literally nothing to do with what I said. My point was that Steam refuses to support third-party software (like this one)... and appropriate so, overall... but if they're making alterations to the software that they're selling, this means that the third-party source (such as the developers of this game) become "legally liable" for changes which the source has no control over, or even knowledge over.

THAT is the part which is of more than dubious legality.

Also, by the way, note that most "subscriber agreements" have language which is intended to fully clear the company in question from any legal liability at any level whatsoever, but these have been frequently, and repeatedly, challenged in courts, and I'm not aware (and have done searches on this topic under FINDLAW, the legal equivalent of "Google") of a single case when the overly-restrictive terms in the subscriber agreements actually held up in court. Common law always, 100% of the time, takes precedence over any "conditions" set up in such an "agreement."

Most notably, the concept of "warranty of servicibility" is a common-law concept here in the United States, and in Europe as well (though referred to under other language). The basic idea is that the vendor of any product must, in fact, provide a product which actually does what they say it does. No "legalese" has EVER held up, when a product vendor has attempted to claim otherwise. Not once. Not EVER.

Finally... at what level do you assume that I "don't like the updates?" I said nothing remotely like that. I did point out that there are a LOT of "updates" coming out right now, and that these updates aren't actually SOFTWARE UPDATES at all, and likely have more to do with Valve's attempt to transform Steam in preparation for the "SteamOS" release which is forthcoming. I thought it was INTERESTING, and hypothesized that this may well be related to the issues seen with this game recently (as the actual software authors are, apparently, not involved in how their game is being altered, I'm sure you understood, right?)

You just attempted to "talk down to me" but you did no such thing. I'm not sure what you thought you were "accomplishing" by doing so, but in reality, you only made yourself look bad.
fishmarketVendor Jan 10, 2014 @ 1:28pm 
Wow, bug up someone's♥♥♥♥♥ First of all, dear elitist. I wasn't attempting to talk down on you back then. That's fully on your interpretation of what and how I decide to say things. What was I "accomplishing"? All I saw was a lot of wasted effort complaining about something unreasonable in the real world. Sure, in a perfect world, each game developer would have individual communication with each person who has bought their product and would try to make each individual happy by servicing each one's specific needs and preferences. A good amount of devs do try to satisfy their customers, but that's aside the fact that what you ask for, despite correct and lawful, is just not feasible. It's like going to one's favorite baked sweet potato vendor on the street every day for years.. complaining that their decision to change the type of firewood used slightly alters the taste and now it can't be stomached. If those sweet potatos are so important to you, then by all means strike up a close friendship with those bakers and make sure your words count when suggesting to them the old firewood was better and that they ask you to consult them before they make any drastic changes in the future. But please don't hide behind your statements of legality just because you think game devs should be contacting you before any change is made to your game. Again, turn your updates off if you don't like it. And if you wish there were a better system where you can pick and choose your updates, either be patient or go somewhere else to buy your games.

It's funny how you think I'm making myself look bad, when you were the one that comes trotting in here on your high horse, evetually speaking off topic, pointing fingers at the game dev, and then bashing on me because you can dish it but you're not man enough to take it? gtfo of here
CLBrown Jan 10, 2014 @ 1:35pm 
You came across and "corrected" me without actually paying any attention whatsoever to what I'd actually said. And you have the audacity to call ME an "elitist" for not bowing before your presume "superior knowledge?" Really? You might want to go look in a mirror.

You want to talk about "the real world?" And you fail to grasp why that might be a little bit... out of place... since you evidently have less real-world expertise on these subjects than I do? Once again, I recommend looking, closely at yourself.

You then show how little understanding you have of what you're commenting on when you say this: "Sure, in a perfect world, each game developer would have individual communication with each person who has bought their product and would try to make each individual happy by servicing each one's specific needs and preferences."

Which only goes to demonstrate that you can't read. At no point did I so much as HINT that I wanted the developer to do any such thing. What I said is that the DISTRIBUTOR (ie, Valve software, through STEAM) should be working with the DEVELOPER, rather than altering the developer's product in ways that the developer has no knowledge of, and still claiming that the developer, not the distributor, is the one who is responsible for supporting the customer base.

Is that really so hard for you to understand?
fishmarketVendor Jan 10, 2014 @ 1:41pm 
Ah I misread, my mistake. I, in fact, am truly sorry about that. But on another note, you still have a bug up your♥♥♥♥♥ Coming down on me, thinking I was trying to talk down on you in the first place, Sir Elitist.
jim.buck  [developer] Jan 10, 2014 @ 4:17pm 
I had not heard anything about Steam fundamentally changing anything that should affect the game in a negative way. They wouldn't intentionally make any changes to their API that would break any existing games.. but I am curious what happened that you needed to re-download some games. We certainly haven't pushed a new Fieldrunners build lately. As for you having the Roku version - wow, I hadn't met anyone before now that actually had that version. For the record, I did not work directly on that version myself. :)
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