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Muscovy Stronk. 2012年11月26日 17時40分
How do i command my units?
i can do one guy at a time, i can set a digger to mining, but how do i physically take a few soldiers and command them to go to location A and shoot stuff along the way. i prefer delegating that kind of stuff to AI
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CrazyTrex 2012年11月26日 19時02分 
You can go in the pie chart to go to mode and click a place where the enemy is. This is not nearly as cost effective as doing it yourself though. I can spend 250 on one guy to do what the ai can do with a 1000 for a squad of 4.
Pastafarian 2012年11月26日 22時19分 
Is there any way to order more than one unit at a time? That's what I want.
Muscovy Stronk. 2012年11月26日 22時36分 
Yeah thats something i'd like to know as well
Tleno 2012年11月27日 4時23分 
There is a simple mod that allows controling somewhat similar to how you'd control units in standart RTSs Check for it on official Data Realms fan forums!
Memo 2012年11月28日 0時12分 
Have you tried making one of the units you want to control the "squad leader". So you set the rest of your soldiers to follow that squad leader to a select location or to attack an enemy. I hope that helps.
data010  [開発者] 2012年11月28日 1時43分 
the "brain hunt" AI mode is what i use most of the time. They will navigate to the closest enemy brain and engage everything on the way. it's a quick way to get a bunch of guys going on the war path together
Muscovy Stronk. 2012年11月28日 5時17分 
thanks for the responses everyone! especially you data, its always refreshing to see developers interacting with players on forums :D. i love the game by the way even though i suck at it haha. (i just wish the tutorial taught me more, instead of me having to ask these questions, but its okay because im willing to go learn :D)
Pastafarian 2012年11月29日 23時44分 
I think that squad leader idea could be fantastic if implemented. Maybe you could set squads 1-5, or something. And then you could give orders to squad leader one, and set certain people in his squad. and they'd do what he was doing.
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