Tleno Nov 21, 2012 @ 7:18am
The bug report thread
I think it would help the dev to iron out all the nasty buggers faster if we'd report any sort of technical issues or gameplay bugs we encounter in a single thread!

Anyways, here's a bug/hilarious exploit from me:
Originally posted by BUG DESCRIPTION:
If, in campaing, you manage to capture an enemy brain with a dropship or any other craft, and then right after the victory screen the craft is destroyed or you open the doors, the brain gets converted to your side, and also all the other enemy units you have captured!
It's funny, but weird, and the captured brain has some weird behavior, like if you captured it mining, it will stay in gold dig AI even in construction mode and after the vistory mode where all the units stop doing anything! And, cannot confirm that for sure, but right after that enemy took over one of my areas without a battle, and I think there's a connection between these two events!
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Tleno Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:15am 
Oh sorry, wasn't really aware of that thread on the forums... still, I'm sure additional thread here on Steam won't hurt.
Also guys, an update just came out, so, if you can, check on your bug if it's old, and see if it got fixed or is it still there!
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