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[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:26pm
Confidance in developer?
On a scale of one to ten at the very begining or if your new to discussions how confident are you that the dev will follow through with his work. 1 = HELP! I NEED A REFUND and 10 = I BOUGHT THIS GAME BECAUSE THE DEV is GOD
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data010  [developer] Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:32pm 
wouldn't it make more sense to judge the game on its own merits.. after all, you're playing IT, not its developer :p That said.. we've worked on this for over a decade. Not about to give up before the last touchups are done
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Lucatiel Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:48pm 
And when will it be done?
I give it a 3.
Woodman.® Oct 22, 2012 @ 3:52pm 
we've worked on this for over a decade. Not about to give up before the last touchups are done
:D AWESOME!!!! He will prove you guys wrong! I really hope so! lets go data!
Dont listen to this anymore just dont pay attention, everybody will shut up once we can fully enjoy your game!

i want to play online multiplayer with all of you guys!!!!!!!
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Kode-Man Oct 22, 2012 @ 5:59pm 
10 ♥♥♥♥ da haters
plus its a great game as is
and mods mods everywhere
Warlock Kepy Oct 22, 2012 @ 6:13pm 
Well, I guess if the dev himself decided to take over a hub, then he probably means business. Or not, who know.

But, hey, let’s get to criticism, since otherwise it's just a ranty rant rant. But telling the whole story of me trying CC would be worth a while, I suppose.

Well, where should I begin?

It was a warm autumn day, when I decided to search for a game to play on steam. My choice fell on CC. It was displayed on one of the main steam pages, so it was luring me into buying it. 399rubles that was (about 13-14 bucks) and from the screenshots and the information note I decided to purchase it. 98 megs it turned out to be, which I sure was surprised of. But hey, in the days of modern iPhone and Android business you can't just be surprised by some enjoyable games which in total weight less then my collection of daggerfall floppies (back from the days, when a normal CD was nothing less but pure wizardry in post soviet russian times!).

After a short while I started up the game and I was greeted by the intro! Which I couldn’t skip…
Why not being able to skip it? I just want to play the game. Luckily the magic black box of my PC let me generously skip it the next few times I started CC.

Next thing’s next and here we start with fixing the options a bit. Lowering the music, making the game work full screen. No no, the game isn’t attached to steam itself, as far to my knowledge. Shift tabbing into my friend list for a small chat or just checking the web via steam browser was not an option for me, while my bucket-headed robot was digging gold under control of the dumbest AI ever.. Slowly, painfully but we’ll get back to that later.

Now, the campaign! Oh yes, every good game has a campaign. Ya know, to get you started, to find out more about stuff, etc. And in here it’s not really what you can expect. First of all it asks that as a new player, you should start with a trial. I tried it a few times and each one was a fail for me. Maybe it’s just my ugly shaped hooks for hands, but I just couldn’t get into the text it was giving out to me. It’s so tiny on my 1920x1080 resolution screen. I didn’t get anything it said, so each time some bots came down and knocked my noggin. Oh well. It doesn’t mean I can’t handle a game now. «I’m a man! » “Punch”
And yes, for whatever reason it asks if I want to play a trial each and every time I restart a game. Why? Cos I didn’t win the trial mission or it’s just made that way? I don’t know. Let’s carry on.

Well, the campaign starts oddly. Basically, there’s no campaign what so ever. Ever played Heroes of might and magic or something like that? You know, where you pick the stages, get bonuses and stuff? Well, here it’s more like a skirmish game menu. You pick out how much brains you get for the whole game (which is the local life point meter), the amount of gold you start with to order troops, do scans and just waste time in other indefinable manner, the amount of locations the game will have (at most I had 8/12) the amount of enemies the game will have (either your friends, or AI), the technology you start with (makes the units and other items from that tech cost less and make others tech cost more. Why they are all available to everyone but just with a price difference is a… tricky move?), the amount of brains to handicap you or enemies (+5 to -5) and some other stuff that’s not important.
Let’s not forget that to play with your friends you must gather them all in one room, infront of your PC, give every one of them a controller and then somehow play. I actually couldn’t imagine such sodomy even in my worst dreams. Yeah, no network game is implemented.
So yeah, it’s a skirmish game, not a campaign (which I thought I’d get). But hey, maybe it’s just the cover of the book.

So you start the game it shows you some gold locations you can charge in with your brain and support and that’s about it. There are a total of 8 locations as of now, they pop on the map just a few at a time and they vary in difficulty from ok to easy as pie. You get an option to scan the location for 250g or just relocate a part of your resources to send your troops out (which just consists of a brain an a turret and the rest of the gold is just left out at the “local” game bank account, as if you’ve accidently forgot your troops at the nearby star base. But whatever. You pick location, either decide to scan it (right away or do a scan just before landing) and then you simply press space and let the machinery of the game do the rest. If you’re lucky – the enemy won’t send his own troops to your location and you’ll have it captured with little to no effort. If that happens – then Horra!, in just about few mins it will your impenetrable fortress of doom for the other cerebral baddies. And yes, you can’t send more then 1 squad of brains per turn.

The AI does his own move, takes the location or you fight for it but either way next turn starts.
It starts kinda weird. First – the Midas star base takes 200g away every single turn. I have no idea why. Maybe it was explained in the tutorial which I didn’t finish or in the intro, on which I took my time in the bathroom, but I still have no clue why it does that. But hey, each and every gold location you control gives you 1000g! Why the station can’t deduct 200g from that amount – I cannot say.

Next thing’s next and what you should do now is to relocate a part of your budget to construct a base on your freshly captured location. You can set the amount of gold you want relocated to that certain gold location and either build the base yourself (which is cryptic and makes no sense, unless I get a “How to construct your very own base in Cortex Commando for dummies” edition) or tick a box to make the AI build a standard rat hole for your jolly ol’man to hang out in. Oh, and by standard I do mean standard. It doesn’t care if you got troops somewhere on the map since it tends to build the base on the troops themselves. So yeah, one of my legless guy got stuck in the wall and he was left there as a guard. Nobody ever had a chance of getting deep enough to even see him, but whatever.
And remember when I told that you’re relocating a part of gold to the construction? Well, that’s because the game doesn’t save the sum you spend. It gradually increases depending on the amount of gold you get. So your 35% of the budget on second turn can be about 800g while on the next it can be about 1300g. It’s annoying, since when you have more then 3 locations – you need to start re relocating resources, because there won’t be enough with such percent based system.

Now skipping forward to the battle sequence of the game.

If you purchase a scan – it scans the whole battle location (the top part, like Google maps) and then you pick a location to land. If you don’t scan – the whole location is black and, I guess, it makes the game more challenging to explore the map on your own.
So you pick a location and the drop ship arrives with your brainbot and a spider-turret. Your enemy gets dropped the same way at the same time with you.
Just to note – to take control over troops – you select them with “q” and “e” buttons (kinda like scrolling through them) but if you do a stupid thing of pressing such button during the landing – you take control of the drop ship itself! I do understand that it’s some unit that should be able to drop bombs or something, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it drop units out or if I could deselect it so it goes into automatic mode and lands perfectly fine and drops your bots. Then it goes up and if it goes all the way – it counts as returned and you get a refund that you didn’t wreck the ship (yeah, there are a few different ship types in the game, most of which are kinda bad in mind).
The game starts right away. So you’re a turret and a bot with a bowled up brain on its shoulders ready to kick some major♥♥♥♥♥♥ Or are you? Well, your main brainbot is weak, even though it has 3 weapons – a machinegun, a pistol and a digger, and it tends to hilariously die if it does something other then digging. And even then it explodes. So yeah, for the first few mins you’ll be drilling yourself into the ground with your digger! The digger has ammo count by the way. Not sure why since I think it should be unlimited (it got about 3000 “bullets(?)” as ammo and recharges in 1-2 seconds). You should also summon a few soldiers to your hidey-hole since in a few mins the enemy bot will do the same and it will probably get you killed. It doesn’t really matter what weapons they got since the main tactic of the AI is to rush your brain, so in case you’ve survived the first few bots – you’ve pretty much won.

Why are we drilling into the ground like in minecraft or terraria anyway? Well, you see, the ground has gold nuggets and golden dust hidden in it. Each time you dig into those - you get gold into your bank account to summon more troops and other stuff you don’t need. Even though it seems like no trouble – it really is. The units in caves tend to blow up. Actually units blow up all over the game for no apparent reason, but in caves I dug I mainly failed because my brainbot exploded. Why? I don’t know.

But this is the place I want to talk about AI. AI in this game is dumb. As in dead-dumb. It goes like this – the AI lands and starts digging, summoning troops in the process. It digs down to some portion of the ground. If it finds gold – good, it keeps the game entertaining for a few more mins. If not – then the bot wastes all his assault funds and then just crawls deep into its hole in pathetic shame. If that happens – the game gets boring faster then you can say Yarrr!. Remember when I talked to you about the locations the game has? Which vary in difficulty? Well, here’s the deal. Some of them got gold pretty high in the ground, so enemy quickly gets to it and makes your time worth its while, but others, like the desert, got gold quite deep, so it takes you a while to get to it and the bot quits in a few mins figuring that, hey, you’ll probably still win, why bother. On the maps, like the mountains, which got steep high drops, the AI just commits suicide at random; dropping down the mountains it just landed on saving you from playing the game with him.

And let’s not forget the bases the enemy can build on his own captured gold locations. But it makes the AI even more miserable. All the bots on the base are located on their designated spots and they do not move. The enemy doesn’t order stuff, it doesn’t dig gold, it just stand, waiting there for you to finish that agony of his. Well, you dig gold, buy some guy, preferable with a mortar and a sniper rifle and go hunting AI. With a sniper rifle it’s a piece of cake. Enemy doesn’t respond and dies quietly, since his comrades tend to ignore Private Jims innards when they somehow got splattered across their faces. The only problem I’ve found was getting in the bunker without casualties.

The bunker usually consists of a troop standing on one side of the corridor and a turret on the other or two turrets(so basically said - charging in will get messy) which leads further in, where there are doors, maybe some more dumb troops and then the brainbot or the brain in a room.
But let’s not get sad. Remember, the games mechanics make EVERYTHING destroyable! Yes! So instead of going after that brain into the bowels of the enemy base you can just pick your fave sniper rifle and dig your way to the runt with bullets. And in here we get another helping hand, which are big flashing arrows pointing at your and enemies brains. So you just stand over the enemy arrow, point your gun down and shoot. Bullets make a straight tiny hole that digs into the ground, the base and then into the AI brain. Once the brains destroyed – you win and the rest of the enemy units self-destruct. Horra…

Oh yeah…

And your base is usually impenetrable what so ever, unless you want to challenge the AI’s low grade intellect. The best way to win the assaults on your territory is just to place 3-4 guys across the map, which isn’t that big. The enemy will have to land near one, and since all you need to win is to take out the brain – you win in less then 15 seconds

Repeat until you got all gold locations or the enemies get their brain counters down to zero.
At that point they get those skull marks, probably explaining that they are dead, since they can’t do anything at this point. And that’s pretty much the end. The game doesn’t have an ending what so ever. You can continue skipping turns until… well, I duno. I skipped about 73 times and then I got bored. So yeah/ I didn’t try scenarios since, hey, I bet Cortex commando, I think.

So that’s the story of me trying Cortex Commando.

Now let’s just make a list I made during my playtime to criticize:

1) Not being able to skip the intro for the first time.
2) Not having the fonts scale.
3) Not having integration with steam UI.
3) Not having an actual campaign
4) The controls are weird, and not very responsive. I don’t mean walking, aiming and stuff, but how selecting units or trying to land the spaceship and how in the damn name make it drop units out rather then explode.
5) Units exploding for no reason.
6) Dumb-dead AI.
7) The variety of the whole game is kinda lacking.
8) No ending (but hey, since there’s no actual campaign, why should there be an ending, right?)
9) No online multiplayer
10) High price for a beta.

I don’t really have a grudge on the game. It got good ideas and it looks promising, but I do think that it’s very low to sell it on Steam with little to no info about what the state of the game is in and especially with such a ridiculous price for it. If it was priced of about 5$ - I guess it would be ok. That’s what the state of the games in atleast. Asking people to pay as much as 20$ (or how much it is in euro) for is just vile.

And as of the rating… well, I’d give it 3. Maybe 4. The game got potential, but it’s way too raw to place on such market as steam, in my opinion. Especially when it just turns out that people, which want some good entertainment for their money, simply bought and overpriced beta test invite.
Ethanw80 Oct 22, 2012 @ 7:38pm 
10 Love the game data010 deserves much more respect.
I bought the game because it looked fun, if I'm willing to buy a game from a faceless
mega-corporation why wouldn't I be willing to buy from someone who may be a greedy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, but at least he worked on his own dream.(not saying that he is, some people just jump to that conclusion)
That being said, I respect the fact that Data actually managed to pull together and make the final push to 1.0, even if it could of stewed a little longer
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R.A.W.R. (Banned) Oct 22, 2012 @ 10:08pm 
Originally posted by skprog:
On a scale of one to ten at the very begining or if your new to discussions how confident are you that the dev will follow through with his work. 1 = HELP! I NEED A REFUND and 10 = I BOUGHT THIS GAME BECAUSE THE DEV is GOD

I bought this as part of a humble indie bundle a while back. While the concept of this game is good, the limitations of the engine it runs on and lack of better ui controls make it unenjoyable for me.

This game is not a fine wine that gets better with is more like a giant dog turd that only flies stay around for.
Tleno Oct 23, 2012 @ 6:17am 
I recall back on Data Realms forums when CC was just Build 23 someone made a joke about data beeing a god... something like "You play too much Corex Command if "Data" comes out of your mouth when you want to say "God"."
Anyways, I say 7.5.
[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 23, 2012 @ 8:24am 
yes thank data ..... data dam no but really
dear data
With the release of the game to steam people saw you in a diffrent light. people who had never heard of you before bought your game. an indie game. which I think at one point you said you made because it was YOUR DREAM... or something along the lines and not because of the money. Sooooo they are playing you. the dev. the person who we all look forward to seeing release new content for this game which we have purchased.
you may think that you have come to the end of this game but we are all just experiencing this and wish it to get better.

by the way i give data a 7 and only because of his constant action in the discussions. and fixs to the game. nothing is impossible unless you make it so.

if you dont mind my asking what did you use to make the game ?
[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 23, 2012 @ 8:29am 
Originally posted by Woodman® WER WILL DOTA 2:
we've worked on this for over a decade. Not about to give up before the last touchups are done
:D AWESOME!!!! He will prove you guys wrong! I really hope so! lets go data!
Dont listen to this anymore just dont pay attention, everybody will shut up once we can fully enjoy your game!

i want to play online multiplayer with all of you guys!!!!!!!

I cant tell if you being funny or not because as some of you may know Multiplayer will not be implemented ...

please try to give a score if you can woodman id like to know what you think because i think the majority of this problem with spammers and trolls is a pr problem.
[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 23, 2012 @ 8:31am 
by the way this isnt about the game its just a rant discussion. something to do while waiting for the game and other games like it.
Grossmeister B Oct 23, 2012 @ 8:33am 
I don't see why we should rate the developer... but his passion is endless despite the annoying kids nagging him. Seriously, this guy is RIGHT HERE, caring for his playerbase and his game! Just because some teenagers deserve a spanking everybody gets freaky or what?

10/10 - Godlike

Besides that, I never felt like this game is incomplete or buggy, not more than other games at least.
[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 23, 2012 @ 9:38am 
you dont have to rate the developer. Im just asking...
Lucatiel Oct 23, 2012 @ 9:46am 
Actually, you asked them to rate whether they think the developer will "follow through with his work". I take it you mean whether or not he will release patches?
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