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THIS GAME DOES NOT SUCK! ITS AWESOME! Try to LEARN a game like back in the old days (nes, snes) Dontry quit once it gets hard :D

overpriced yes, but not as bad as everyboday makes it to be.
i think a lot of people love the fact that it took 11 years to mke and its not complete yet thats where all the trolling comes from. just a reason to bash some poor data guy from sweden :( i love his game!!!!!!
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[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:41pm 
are you data ? or just way to into him to realize it? the first game I played became endless do to me tromping all over the ai. i had so many brains left that the games code wouldnt signal a if statement that finished the campian. on my first play through. Id like to think that this is fixed by now because AS any programmer would tell you that this is a simple fix.
if allaibrains < or = 0
then {finalscore = curcash + (humanbrains * 1000)
humanbrains = 0 }
if you dont understand that then god help you, you probably should not comment on the fourms
4 lines of code maybe 5 if he needs a allaibrains counter added.
a beginer with little to no programming experience could read / write this if statement

it is a work in progress its not awesome its eh there is nothing hard about this game. in 3 hours of game play any human being with a iq of 90 or above would do fine.

and its not overpriced it priced for the next two years hes going to pour into developing the game in to the master piece he wants it to be ??? right? thats what he wants right to make the game great? to make a name for himself because if he dumps it people everywhere will drop this and never buy another data product
[AJSA] skprog (Banned) Oct 22, 2012 @ 2:43pm 
oh and im not trying to insult you woodman i loved you in megaman.
lets all be friends again!
come and join the cc party data, we love your game finish it and then lets all play online multiplayer 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
expunge (Banned) Nov 12, 2012 @ 12:49pm 
The fact that this game took 11 years to make doesn't give me confidence that he'll finish it in the next 11.
Tleno Nov 13, 2012 @ 4:09am 
Originally posted by expunge:
The fact that this game took 11 years to make doesn't give me confidence that he'll finish it in the next 11.
How many tiems I already said that... game's engine begun as a school project, later it evolved slowly as it was more of a hobby, and then it started progressing quicker at later stages of development... besides, hardest part is to immplement earlier unplanned features into the game, not to fix the bugs and add new content.
online multiplayer wll be awesome!
Mr.P Nov 13, 2012 @ 8:05am 
also lets not forget the fact that he had no programming skills whats so ever when he started working on CC i found it quit impressive for someone who got no experience in making a video game was able to make something that good i mean just imagine all the fails and retrys over these 11 years of development and also this was made by just one guy i know now people will say "And? there are so many indie games made by one guy that dont took 11 years to be released at a 1.0 state that still feels like a big beta" but i dont care about you maybe these indie devs know more about programming maybe they use a completly different programm language maybe their engine isnt completly made out of nothing (i mean data made the engine by himself) good god when i see the amount of puzzle platformer on steam i see why some indie games can be made by one guy in over 5 months (i'm not offending puzzle platformer or their devs because i love this stuff :)) the point is some games are easy because thei feature an easy concept and games like CC got a great and complex concept so i acept that updates will take some time to make but hey with every update the game gets more and more polished and in maybe 3 years we got a shiny little diamond under our games on steam lets just wait some time and let data polish this gem until it shines like the sun
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