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Reedyboyrampage 2012年10月6日 21時31分
Civ 5 for cortex command
So I preordered x-com, but I already have civ 5. I'm interested in this game enough to trade a 30 dollar game for it, so... Yeah. That's it.
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nicket 2012年10月7日 5時47分 
I will trade Civ 5 for my Cortex Command
Gooby™; Often 2012年10月7日 5時56分 
Tleno 2012年10月7日 6時31分 
DO IT! If this is your kind of game, of course!
Solo Solitaire (禁止済) 2012年10月7日 7時01分 
Play a demo before the trade, be informed.
Reedyboyrampage 2012年10月7日 10時05分 
FYI I have played the demo, watched several videos, and read about 30 different fourm posts before I came to this decision. I know what may happen, I expect things to go wrong, but even still I find my self wanting this game.
Solo Solitaire (禁止済) 2012年10月7日 10時06分 
Good for you. Like I said before, any informed decision is a good decision. I just hate to see people get the game not truly knowing what to expect.
Reedyboyrampage 2012年10月7日 14時08分 
Sorry to those who missed it but I have traded, and thanks to those who wanted to make sure I knew what i was getting into.
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