Reedyboyrampage 6. loka, 2012 21.31
Civ 5 for cortex command
So I preordered x-com, but I already have civ 5. I'm interested in this game enough to trade a 30 dollar game for it, so... Yeah. That's it.
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nicket 7. loka, 2012 5.47 
I will trade Civ 5 for my Cortex Command
GOOBEh 7. loka, 2012 5.56 
Tleno 7. loka, 2012 6.31 
DO IT! If this is your kind of game, of course!
Solo Solitaire (banned) 7. loka, 2012 7.01 
Play a demo before the trade, be informed.
Reedyboyrampage 7. loka, 2012 10.05 
FYI I have played the demo, watched several videos, and read about 30 different fourm posts before I came to this decision. I know what may happen, I expect things to go wrong, but even still I find my self wanting this game.
Solo Solitaire (banned) 7. loka, 2012 10.06 
Good for you. Like I said before, any informed decision is a good decision. I just hate to see people get the game not truly knowing what to expect.
Reedyboyrampage 7. loka, 2012 14.08 
Sorry to those who missed it but I have traded, and thanks to those who wanted to make sure I knew what i was getting into.
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