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Perpetual E 2012年10月4日下午12:27
No ability to save in scenarios
The fact that you cannot save a bunker that you make in a scenario such as "endless defence" is rediculous. I don't want to spend a half hour every time I do this scenario to make a new bunker. Sometimes you just want to tweak your old design. Also I find that I cannot delete objects in the bunker editor. Don't know if anyone else agrees or is having this problem.
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Altwynn (已封禁) 2012年10月4日下午12:29 
I agree. Sometimes I really enjoy building a base, other times I would rather just skip it and use a template, preferably one I made.
Bubbles 2012年10月4日下午12:37 
Its bugged right now but use the map builder/editor
Bubbles 2012年10月4日下午12:37 
unless you have the not steam version
Perpetual E 2012年10月4日下午1:26 
The editor is also bugged as you can only put in skeleton actors...........
Perpetual E 2012年10月4日下午1:31 
How do you even go about playing your scene in the defense scenario?
Break-Off 2012年10月4日下午2:50 
Make your scene in the scene editor, preferably in Base.rte module (you will be prompted to select the module which you will work your scene). After you're done, save it. A .ini file will be created in Base.rte/Scenes. Open it and find this line:

LocationOnPlanet = Vector X = ? Y = ?

Write in the desired coordinates, make sure you don't overlap an existing scene.

Then, you will have to make appear the scene by changing the line:

Revealed = 0

To 1, so it should look like this:

Revealed = 1

If you did it right, you will have your scene in the standard gamemodes/activities (Even in some mods activities).

For the actors, everytime you load your scene you will have your base already build, so you will only have to put in the actors.

I guess by your name that you are from a Spanish-speaking country. Me too. If you have some doubt, add me to Steam.
最后由 Break-Off 编辑于; 2012年10月4日下午2:50
Perpetual E 2012年10月4日下午5:09 
Thanks that was very helpful.
back 2012年10月4日下午8:42 
I am sick of people complaining so much.
Perpetual E 2012年10月4日下午8:51 
Nice addition to this post, thanks.
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